Comments on Sakar Murli – February 16, 2013


In this Murli Baba explains the importance of conquering attachment and how familiarity brings that string of attachment as well.
Due to attachments, we are unable to move into a different position in our life which calls for a new change. Paradoxically, in BK knowledge there is this emotional attachment to God, to Baba. That is considered to be “good.” I feel that “transferring” attachment is still attachment. The language used is: “I want to surrender to you, I want to serve you, etc.” Attachment is not as easy as thought to “get rid of.” There are many layers of it and like Ego, (Attachment is a different shade of Ego- all vices come from ego and their experience of them is labeled as the “5 vices.”) a constant awareness of its existence so we are able to “see it,” is needed. We can typically realize about it by the way we feel when one interaction brings attachment in our mind; we don’t want to let go, we want to control, we want for things to continue on.

Familiarity Is a much subtle aspect of attachment, because here we do not think that we have it, but by cutting out the healthy space necessary in relationships (where there is respect,) we introduce our way of behavior without any “checking,” thus, vices will follow. This is typically viewed between friends who do not keep their boundaries at check.

Below some Murli points:

“Sannyasis say that happiness here is like the droppings of a crow. Therefore, it would definitely be said that this is a world of sorrow. However, people don’t know that it is only in the golden age that there is constant happiness and no trace of sorrow.”

The experience of sorrow in the world depends on our consciousness. As “pure gyan” explains, a “newer” soul will not experience this world to be of sorrow when that soul is born with wealth, health, fame, etc. Life setbacks will be viewed as “part of life.” That soul will not have the need to “search for answers,” for in their own view they “have happiness.”

People will not know about the Golden age but only as a myth. According to their religion, people will believe in this heavenly place where they will go if they obey God’s instructions; which already have been shared in their scripture. Note how relative knowledge could be, for followers of a certain path will be sure that theirs is the “true” path. The Drama shows that everyone is “right” in their ow way fro everyone will experience that “heaven” in a numberwise manner. If we say, “yes, but “we” will experience that heaven for 2500 years,” then I would reply:”That is why the other 2500 are portrayed as hell for us.” Duality is 50-50.

“The Father says: While living at home with your family, remain pure. The Father knows that a wife has a lot of attachment to her husband and children. It is the duty of you children to become free from that and become conquerors of attachment. The Father simply tells you two things: If you want to claim your full inheritance, definitely become pure and, secondly, you have to stay in yoga. If someone is quarrelling with you about anything, that is your karmic account.”

BapDada uses the term “unlimited disinterest” to describe a life without attachment. In the past it has been interpreted as “closing doors.” Not spending time with the family, not talking to family members so we can use our time to stay with the “Beloved.” Detachment is not “running away,” or being insensitive to others. It is the opposite: to be there, to empathize BUT, I am not looking for a particular outcome. I do not have an agenda in my mind. Those relationships shouldn’t affect me. That is when we are detached.

“This is why the Father says: First of all, become a conqueror of attachment. If you simply continue to repent for your actions, what would the Father do? There is just the one path for everyone: Definitely become pure! If they don’t allow you to remain pure, then become independent and occupy yourself in one type of work or another. A clean heart is needed here. Let it not be that you leave your home and come here and then remain trapped in familiarity with someone in the Brahmin clan. There are many who have a slight influence of familiarity. They are not able to raise their stage. “

When there is the understanding that remain celibate is important in our life, then at that point we will take the initiative to do it. If on the other hand, someone is considering that but at the same time that person feels that his current situation is “good,” then that person is not ready. Many times some individuals will ask questions as “Baba says that I should remain celibate, but I have a good life with my lokik husband; what shall I do?”
That is not the right question to ask; but if someone without sensitivity just responds what “Baba says,” then that person is truly defaming the Father; for if our knowledge is just going to be in “repetition” of words, we truly do not know anything. “Take the pulse,” is something that Baba says as well.

“Some have a lot of money and so there is no need for them to commit sin. Baba says: Sit peacefully and earn the income of yoga. However, before you do anything, you must take advice. Let it not be that after you have done something you then say: I have become trapped in this, so what should I do now? Baba continues to explain to you: If you have plenty of money, then sit down peacefully and claim your inheritance from Baba. Put aside the complications of business. It is essential to follow shrimat at every step. Remain very sweet with one another. Otherwise, you will defame BapDada’s name. Those who defame BapDada’s name or the name of the Satguru cannot claim a high status. Don’t take the law into your own hands. Otherwise, everyone would say: Are the children of God’s clan also like this? The Father says: Don’t cause anyone sorrow.”

There is this “mythical idea” that if I don’t work and I use all my time for my self “elevation,” I will make great progress. That sounds like good in theory, but it is not always like that. Why? Because it depends on the personality of the individual. Most will tend to procrastinate, to get “busy in something,” to become a “guru,” etc. There is a fine balance in everything. Work is not meant to make us waste our time unnecessarily but to give us an occupation so hopefully we could provide for ourselves and others who depend on us, but at the same time, it is a way of giving back to society and to be connected. There is a fine balance in everything and not everyone fits in the same bag.

“It is said: Even if you have to face the most difficult situations, you must not let go of your religion (dharma). This promise is made and you have to abide by it all the time. You should practise this. Maya is very powerful. You have to conquer it. Make full effort. Don’t think that it doesn’t matter what status you attain in the golden age. No, you have to make effort to become elevated.”

Situations will happen in life. Our life situations may change. However, we have a code of conduct, a way to behave despite those changes. That is our dharma.
The “carrot” for the donkey in search of a “status” in the Golden age, is by now an “old child’s tale.” Effort is not being done for the future Golden age. It is made so the reward can be experienced now.

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