Question: dear soul , thank u , thank u baba to be free fropm karmic bondages , by the power of yoga in a paractical wa y , that means that the obstacles , will vanish , the ilness will finish, the sorow will disappear? baba emphasis on beeing pure in house hold,: this is the basis..will that lead to break the family according to the drama of the iron age? baba also says:” GodFather gives advice according to the mental status of the person. For some he allows to perform job, for others it is adviced to involve in service and for others, they are asked to remain in yoga” …according to soul capacity baba means? ” You must not take laws in your hands, you cannot give sorrow to anyone.” …..” By the features the nature can be identified”. can u plz explaine !thank u baba , thank u brother

Dear soul;

As you know, all of those illnesses, etc. will disappear in the Golden age. Here, we are settling karmic acounts. Yoga will allow you to go through your karmic accounts without the experience of great sorrow.

Baba’s emphasis on “purity” will definitely change your life. In some cases divorce has occurred. In others, things have gone alright. That depends on your own karma as you know. When it is in your Drama, it will happen, but at the same time; you will have the resources to deal with it. For an outsider that means that “BKs are breaking up families,” when there is truly “breaking up” going on through sex-lust, but for our “double face” society, that is “OK.”

Yes, there are many roles according to your capacity.The Drama will provide that understanding for every soul, if we are willing to wait until we are ready. Most do not want that and want for someone to tell them what to do. Capacity means that some tests will call for your experience of sorrow. Not everyone will be able to stand the same amount of sorrow. BUT, as your capacity for sorrow, so is your capacity for happiness.

“Don’t take the law into your hands” means follow the procedures in society to correct injustices.
Not to give sorrow means…just that… “By the features the nature can be identified,” means that as you behave and feel your nature (good/bad) could be seen.

Best wishes!

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