Question: Wonderful website… the nice thing is that this one wants to remain anonymous. In the recent revised Avayakt Murli guessing its 1975 batch which was read on 10th February 2013 want your thoughts on the following “Give yourself (Kadha) severe Punishment so that you do not have to face it in the end” What could this be.. I know it depends on what your action is.. but wanted to understand what baba was trying to communicate here

Thank you for your kind words and for your question.

Dear soul,

It was explained in the “Comments” for that avyakt Murli in a very vague way. I will be ore specific now.
First, Baba’s children have different types of intellects, just as when a teacher has many types of students.
Baba’s teachings from the beginning has been geared towards the ones who do not have / do not need an intellectual grasp of Gyan.
Therefore, the simplicity in language is extreme; although, if we take that simplicity at “face value” we will run into many issues.

The idea of “self punishment,” is an extreme view. This idea has been used by Christianity as well, however in this case BapDada was bringing our attention to a particular behavior without being specific about it, in my understanding.

It appears that in the setting in 1975, some children were making “mistakes” with “purity,” and they were “OK” with it; hiding it. It appears to me through the context that onanism was going on. That is not celibacy. That is why BapDada was emphasizing to “punish yourself, to avoid further punishment.”

Best wishes!

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  1. Ramesh

    Thanks for the response. Interesting view.. But I am of the view what was being said applies even today.. not necessarily in the context of purity.. For me personally the entire Murli was like a wake up call. In fact he went on further to say “DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY”.

    Many Blessings


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