Comments on Avyakt Murli – February 17, 2013

Now, pay attention to accumulating the treasures of time and thoughts. (2-16-96)

In this avyakt Murli, BapDada is giving us some pointers on how we “invite Maya for tea,” we develop a habit without having the knowledge of a master “trikaldarshi,” who knows that “Maya” will be there; but it is the chance to test our internal stage.
By being “trikaldarshi,” we will not have waste thoughts. If we have waste thoughts, our stage will decline, we will be in distress looking for solutions; and then we will “ask Baba to chase Maya away.” 🙂

That has been the behavior in the path of devotion, to ask God to “save us” from different things, to provide for us, etc. Here is where the “childish behavior” is found. Through that behavior, we have an understanding of what God is, How God should behave; and that all we have to do is to sing “Baba’s praise,” and He will take care of us.

That is the vision of God as our “life insurance.” I have recognized you, now help me.
BapDada also mentioned about the need to “accumulate.” When we accumulate, we “do things with our hearts, not just with our heads.”
BapDada mentioned that we need to develop a good balance between the intellect and the heart, but accumulation/attainments happen through the heart.

There was an interesting class about the consciousness of “I.”
BapDada mentions that the word “I,” has 2 different consciousnesses. One is the consciousness of the body. In this consciousness, ego appears and from this consciousness we become trapped in name and fame.
There is the consciousness of “I the soul,” in this consciousness, BapDada mentions that we “automatically remember the Father.” (Please churn that line: How is it possible to automatically remember the Father when we are in soul consciousness. What does that actually mean?)

BapDada mentions that when we think of the word “I,” “Baba, Baba” should come instead, for we do not do anything; but it is the “Father” who is doing through us.
Note how with greater churning we still arrive that we don’t do anything, but things happen through the assigned roles given by the Drama.

God “inspiring us to do things,” is certainly a nice way to increase our faith in the changes happening and to see God’s hands in everything, but according to time, there is this divine help in the Drama; which we call Godly help; moving things into a different consciousness.

As our thoughts change, we will be able to see the “magic” of all.

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