Comments on Sakar Murli- February 18, 2013


In thei Murli, the theme is to recognize that remembrance of the Father is the only medicine for Maya’s attacks. Also to see that maintaining a constant stage of remembrance is our aim, however, the task of Maya is to make us “forget,” while the Father reminds us to remember Him.

Baba also emphasized the importance of this life. It is meant to settle our karmic bondages, but it is also our “stage of ascending,” for there is no other time in the cycle where we could feel that we are “going up” in lieu of the knowledge of the cycle of time.

Baba mentioned that becoming a spinner of the discuss of self realization constantly will make us worth of receiving that decoration permanently, which is depicted in the picture of Vishnu.

Below some points to churn:

“You are making effort for the kingdom in which all your days will be spent in happiness. In the iron age, your days are not spent in happiness. You Raj Rishis should spend your days here in happiness. Only when you consider yourselves to be Raj Rishis and have unshakeable and immovable faith all the time is this possible. Otherwise, when you repeatedly forget, Maya makes you choke a great deal.”

Happiness needs to be attained now. It is when the sanskara of happiness should emerge. Without this feeling of happiness now, through the “ascending stage,” our effort making life will be based on a “futuristic dream.”

The emphasis on a “brighter future,” makes sense only if it is based on the recognition of the law of karma, and how the consequence of our current activity will be experienced; otherwise; it is not supported by Gyan.

“The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, makes, them into spinners of the discus of self-realisation and seers of the three aspects of time. When they become deities, they cannot be called trinetri, trikaldarshi or trilokinath, because it is now that they are ascending the staircase to heaven.”

It is interesting to see how knowledge needs to appear at the right time. Effort making is based on the knowledge of something which we have been before and that we need to become again. For that we have the third eye of knowledge opened, we have the knowledge of the 3 aspects of time and the knowledge of the 3 worlds. It is with this knowledge that we could realize the self and experience the self at this time, by observing that we have played many roles in many lives; but now “time” calls for a different awareness.

“From the golden age onwards we will be coming down the ladder. This knowledge doesn’t exist there. If you were aware of this there you wouldn’t be able to rule the kingdom because you would be worried. The Father gives you children patience: Don’t be afraid. You have to conquer Maya. Storms of Maya will definitely come and there will be obstacles. The cure for this is to stay in yoga. Maya will break your yoga. However, you have to make effort to stay in yoga. “

We will start experiencing “entropy” from the start of the Golden age.Note how even though there is purity, the “quality of it,” will diminish. There is nothing constant and there is a “threshold” to be reached towards the end of the Silver age, when “day” changes into ‘nigh,” however, in between there is a slow decline. This is something which is not fully understood when we look at the picture of the cycle of time. There are 4 lines strictly dividing every age, when in fact; it is an slow decline, it is almost imperceptible. This knowledge although recognized as the “truth,” could be very “bad” in the Golden age. Similarly, this knowledge maybe misunderstood by individuals who are not ready or if explained in a child like- “black or white” manner. ( If you join us, you will go the Heaven, otherwise; you will not know Paradise cycle after cycle and you will repent for having such a stone intellect.”)

“However, it is not that everyone will go back soon. If annihilation were to take place the land of Bharat would not remain. However, this Bharat is an imperishable land. Many will still remain here. Then, in the golden age, there will just be the one established sun-dynasty kingdom. You have a little time in between establishment of the golden age and destruction of the iron age when a few people remain to create their kingdom anew.”

Here Baba is talking about what would later be known as the “Advance Party.” It is in the Drama that some individuals will survive assuring that the Drama will continue to be populated again. Bharat will continue as the imperishable land, although at this time, Bharat is at its lowest quality (Tamopradhan) for that is the only way to ascend again. Other lands will not reach the level of entropy that Bharat will experience, nor will reach the level of “purity” that Bharat will reach.

“The best thing to explain is the cycle. No matter what a person is like, seeing the cycle he would understand that this truly is the iron age and that the golden age is now about to come. You can even explain to Christians that this is hell and that heaven is being established. Surely, Heavenly God, the Father, would do that. However, people’s intellects have become such that they don’t even consider themselves to have become residents of hell. “

To explain the cycle of time requires lots of tact. To show the cycle of time in movement would be the next “thing” in service. People will not necessarily believe that they are in “Hell,” for the level of “suffering” is different for every individual, depending on where in the cycle they first came. Certainly for individuals of other religions, “hell” is depicted as “being burned in eternal flames,” nothing like the experience now. When explaining Gyan is important to avoid “extremist” views which when surrounded with “Black or white” understandings, all they do is to create a sense of fear in different souls, fear of destruction, fear of not acting according to God’s will, fear of not doing the right thing. Eventually, this will bring as a consequence a neurotic personality, which will be incapable to open his/her heart to love and to accept life as it comes to their life. The need to “control” our destiny will be there, and with that a gross misunderstanding of what Gyan is and what is meant to do.

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