Readers Remarks: Meditation and Love

Dear brother, Om shanti. Yes, it is not just possible to be loving when one is soul conscious; one can not but be loving if he is soul conscious (if he meditates). But, this formula is not reversible; one need not have to, and can not become soul conscious or meditate accurately simply because he is loving; in addition to love, he has to have the foundation of ‘knowledge’. It is like the ‘time duration’ between Monday to Friday is not the ‘same’ as the ‘duration’ between Friday to Monday. 🙂 Many souls assume that since they are ‘soul conscious’ they are / they must be loving. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating. When one is really soul conscious, he will be overflowing with love… numberwise on the basis of his level of soul consciousness. Yes, to the extent that we become soul conscious, to that extent we are loving, and to that extent we are fearless. And i see the basis for all this is purity based on soul consciousness. i too had (still have) certain fears because of my old sanskars. What i understood and am trying to practise is that to get rid of my fears i need to develop a lot of peace… as a peaceful soul can not experience fear; peace and fear can not co-exist. 🙂 And purity (based on soul consciousness) is the mother of peace and happiness. Purity of the mind where there is nothing but good wishes and pure feelings for every one, where there is no trace of anger, greed, jealousy, ego, and attachment. Om shanti.

Avyakt7 responds:
Dear sister;

What is love? What is meditation?
We know what fear is. We can define fear, but love… we cannot. What about soul consciousness? Can we define it?
That is why, the answers here cannot be taken literally, there is another way to look at them, just as pointers for the Aha! moment. If we were to analyze my answers, it would be like some of my analysis on Murli comments, we could find the dryness of being accurate by getting rid of the emotional aspects, but the motion and liveliness of a loving heart (even devotionally) will be gone. That is why, striving for balance is a good “balance.”

Best wishes!

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  1. B.K.Gayathri

    Thanks brother for your explanation. Actually, the first sentence in my message was not conveying my thoughts accurately, it should have been – “It is not just that it is possible to love when one is soul conscious; one can not but be loving when he is s.c…”

    Any way, yes, we have to have the balance of being knowledgeful as as well as experiencing the feelings of love.



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