Comments on Sakar Murli – February 20, 2013


In this Murli Baba brings interesting points. The words “limited and unlimited” are used in a different way. Bab refers to “limited” to a population of few compared to the “unlimited” which is a large population.

Baba uses constrasts quite often; however, we need to bear in mind that those contrasts are not to be taken literally for they do not fit gyan accurately but are just tools to explain the complexity of Gyan.

Note the contradiction of considering those who “leave Baba to take refuge with Maya,” as “traitors;” when in fact, this “Drama has been shot already,” and everyone is playing a numberwise part.

Needless to say that opinionated contrast is a source of fear for many. Fear to fail, fear to become a “traitor” for leaving the Father, etc. Once we look at Gyan in a more mature way, we could get rid of all of those “remarks for little children,” note that my aim here is not to “protect” those who have left Gyan or who were considered “:Maharatis” and now considered “traitors” or those who have divorced the “Father,” but rather to see the Dram from the “unlimited” perspective (Beyond the roles being played) and see that no one could ever be a “traitor” nor to “divorce the Father,” when a Kingdom is being established. Not everyone could be a King in day 1, and being a King in day 1 does not mean to have “arrived.” It is just a role for 150 years.

It is about time to take this knowledge to the “next level,” that is beyond a childish understanding of the benevolence of the Drama. The Drma is beneficial for all, and that means, ALL.

Below some points to churn:

“It has been explained to you children that this world cycle is made of knowledge, devotion and disinterest. You have to go beyond the limited and the unlimited. It is said: Beyond the limited and the unlimited. Therefore, keep in your intellect the knowledge that you have to go beyond the limited and the unlimited. It is also said of the Father: Beyond the limited and the unlimited. “

Certainly it is a way to explain how knowledge, devotion and disinterest fit in the cycle of time. Consider this: Only at this time we can have knowledge. There is no knowledge in the Golden age. There cannot be knowledge there because that is not the world of duality. If there is knowledge, then ignorance has to be there as well. Knowledge and ignorance are found now. Devotion is not knowledge, neither ignorance. It is just devotion. Disinterest as explained in the Murli, relates with the path of Sanyassis. Therefore, in the Murli, the above terms are taken in their own significance. Knowledge being the Golden and Silver ages, Devotion, being the Copper and Iron ages, and then disinterest which is represented by the path of isolation.
This is again one of the reasons why we cannot take the explanations literally.

Similarly, the phrase going beyond the “limited and unlimited” is explained as being incorporeal as God is.

“Everyone has received a numberwise part. The Father is the Highest on High and then, as you come down, all enter the play, numberwise. In the new world, there are first of all, Lakshmi and Narayan, and then there are those who are with them in the new world. Look at the rosary: at the top is the tassel (flower), God, the Highest on High, and then there is the dual-bead. Then see how the rosary grows. All of this is the study. You have the whole study in your intellects: the Seed and the tree. The Seed is up above. The Father, the Creator, has sat and explained to you the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. This is the kalpa tree of the world. Its age is accurate.”

Note that Baba mentions that God is the “Creator” but then towards the end of the Murli, “This Drama is eternally predestined. No one creates it.” Many times the devotional sankaras of Brahma Baba towards God are perceived, but again; sayong that God is the “benefactor, the bestower of salvation for all, the creator, etc.” may not fit the reality of “pure Gyan,” when looked at it as how things happen in the Drama and not by the necessity to praise God.
There is in the Drama growth which happens in a numberwise manner. We cannot assume that Lakshmi and Narayan are “better” than anyone else. There is no point of comparisons when there are different roles, different parts. The purity of those souls will change in time as well.In the “unlimited” nothing remains the same.

“Only those who become pure are able to remain strong in this. Otherwise, they are unable to imbibe knowledge. If you have a pure vessel, a golden-aged intellect, you will be able to imbibe knowledge easily, just as Baba has. You will become master knowledge-full, numberwise. No one, apart from the Father, can explain this secret. “

It is interesting to observe that “imbibing” this knowledge is not related with knowing details about this knowledge. Many BK souls who may be considered to have “good dharna,” still have a very infantile grasp of Gyan. Souls like Dadi Prakashmani, were known for giving “practical classes” of knowledge but not for going into the details and depths of Gyan. Dadi Prakashmani seemed to me like the “embodiment of love,” in love there is knowledge practically. We cannot “be” love if we are afraid, if we are feeling guilty, if we have a low self-respect. There is only one soul who had the role of Dadi Prakashmani, and that was her. Look alikes are not needed, for they become second rated actors. Love is first. It is the only knowledge. Gyan is meant so we could realize this.

“While moving along, some children break and they fail. You will come to know everything. Maya also swallowed very good maharathis. They are no longer here today. They left the Father and took asylum with Maya. The student goes ahead and the teacher becomes caught by Maya. It is like traitors who go and seek refuge with the enemy. They go to the side that they see is powerful.”

It is all good because it is in the Drama. We cannot have double standards and patronize those souls who left Gyan as “traitors” knowing that they will be in the Silver age at some point in time. Thinking that the “Golden age” is “better” is a gross misunderstanding of knowledge in lieu of the understanding of such a key concept as “numberwise.”

“The drama is eternally predestined. No one creates it. It is easy to shoot a limited drama (film). This is the big, unlimited drama. This is the eternal, predestined drama that has been shot. There cannot be the slightest difference in this drama. The cycle of the unlimited drama continues to turn. We become satopradhan from tamopradhan and then tamopradhan from satopradhan. The main thing is still purity. There is so much happiness in the pure world, whereas there is so much sorrow in the impure world. Only you have the secret in your intellects that there is the land of happiness for half the cycle and there is the land of sorrow for half the cycle. No one else knows this. “

This is the “unlimited” Drama. The main thing is “purity” for those who have it in their role in a numberwise manner. Still souls need to come down. Someone has to do that role to bring them here. Every BK will try their best, it cannot be otherwise in a predestined Drama. Self-denial, repression and suppression of our current life in order to “get to be with Narayan” in the Golden age is a belief based on our intellectual understanding. Whenever there is suppression and repression, we cannot be possibly be living with love. When love is missing, we could wish for self-transformation, but all we will get is a neurotic personality.

There is something about balance that is not being completely understood yet.

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