Question: Om shanti, Wheather all the spritual gurus of every other religion who bless many lives by teaching Gita, Bible or Kuran etc will come to satyog. please enlighten.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

According to “traditional” view of Gyan, those souls will not be in “Satyug.” Let me ask you this: Is that bad?? 🙂 Is that good? 🙂

We need to understand that every age in the cycle of time is like the 4 seasons. It is exactly like that. The “negative” thing about traditional Gyan is to call the “Spring time” of the cycle as the “Paradise, Heaven, the age of truth, etc.” All of that are merely romantic names for “Spring.” Then comparisons come:” I will be in Spring but you will not.” ” I am better than you. God loves me more, etc.”

That is sheer “nonsense.” 🙂 Every soul will go where they are fit to go. Wherever these souls land for the first time in the cycle, we need to be certain that this is the best place for those souls to be.

Some do not like “Spring” and rather “Summer.” That is the way the Drama is made. The issue is in our own little games of labels. That name: “heaven” has truly made more disservice in understanding this Gyan than any other word that I am aware of.

Best wishes!

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