Readers Comments: Om shanti…. I am in gyan since one year ,done the 7 day course but being science student , it was difficult for me believe groundbraking concepts of GYAN so unable to have DHARNA also , but since introduction of this site and your answers for questions with sheer intelligence,and logic I am back in gyan as true devotee started the inside journey,… so thank you very much for giving my life back brother…….

Dear soul,

Thank you for your kind words.
Please take a look at Gyan under different perspectives, under different views. The answers are there, but if we are stuck reciting the same “ol’ thing,” we will never give our intellects the ability to extract the “butter” out of Gyan. This is a good time for changes. Gyan is universal and it should apply to all human beings in this Drama with respect and benefit for all. The depth of Gyan is something that science is not capable to understand yet, but it is getting there little by little (Theories of cyclic view of time, quantum mechanics concepts and the study of ancient cultures) as “time goes by.”

I am glad to know that you feel enthusiastic about Gyan again. With that faith, please strengthen your connection with the Supreme and explore the self, which is the ultimate source of knowledge.

Best wishes!

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