Comments on Sakar Murli – February 21, 2013


In this Murli, Baba presents the issues of dealing with society’s standards. “Is Baba concerned about what society says? He is receiving the sovereignty… This is something to be tactful about. Although “purity” is the main thing and that was the main issue of confrontation back then; still it is now. The issue is that by taking a stand when diversity is not considered, then you would wonder if this knowledge is truly “for all religions.”

Baba also mentions that even though we could get defamed, we shouldn’t get angry about it, we shouldn’t react. Allegations and defamations are part of that misunderstanding of something “new.” “Purity” or celibacy, is a high standard, but it cannot be held as “the standard for all, for all time.” Certainly, when that part is not completely understood, then separation will happen, animosity will appear. The interesting part to understand is that knowledge itself is verifying that 8 billion people will not experience the “Golden age,” as it will be known by a few million human beings. It is not their part, labels aside.

There is a fine line between “pushing the children to make effort,” and labeling them because it is not in their “Drama,” to continue at the same level, but “numberwise.” Being “unworthy,” a “traitor,” “divorcing the Father,” “being a fool,” all of that needs to be viewed under the light of maturity and understanding of “different strokes for different folks.”

Below some points for churning:

“Become complete beggars. If you don’t have anything, you will receive everything. Nothing should remain, not even your body. Connect your intellect’s yoga to only the land of Shiva and the land of Vishnu. Let there be no attraction to anything else. You also definitely have to become pure. Look how much Meera is praised! She was not concerned about the opinion of society. She became so famous because of this purity. She didn’t even receive the nectar of knowledge. She just had love for Krishna. She renounced poison in order to go to the land of Krishna, just as a wife sacrifices herself on the funeral pyre of her husband. It wasn’t that, by remembering Krishna, Meera went to the land of Krishna. The land of Krishna didn’t exist at that time. Meera must have existed around five to seven hundred years ago. She was a very good devotee. “

“Be nothing, have nothing,” is the idea rather than the idea of having an empty bowl of rice, begging for food.
Notice how the romantic story of Meera is taken as an example for love to God. The bottom line, Meera enjoyed the vision. That vision did not take her to the Golden age, nor the “purity” that she practiced. In her “reality” she was going with Krishna. In her “reality” that was it. Note that she obtained that “vision,” due to a karmic return for further devotion. In that romantic “love” there is no knowledge nor “reality” of being with Krishna. If this knowledge was about getting “visions” and acting based on those, then what would be the reason for Knowledge?

That romantic view of God is a good story for little girls, when in fact; we now that soul consciousness is the only objective though knowledge, as Baba will remind us towards the end of the Murli.

“If someone forgets her childhood and lets go of Baba’s hand, she can never become an empress. Instead, a lower status is claimed even among the subjects. She will go to Paradise but will claim a lower status.”

A Kingdom is being established. Nothing personal, but just the way the Drama is made. We could also “hang on” for dear life in what appears to be Baba’s hand, but if love, not the romantic, infantile, “little girl” type; but “real love,” is not there, what are the chances of getting a high status?

Going through the motions of making everyone believe about our “Pukka-ness,” does not relate in living truly self transformation.

“In the land of happiness, everyone is happy. Not a single person is unhappy. Then, in the land of sorrow, not a single person is happy. As are the king and queen, so the subjects; all are unhappy. In the land of happiness, even animals don’t experience sorrow. The land of peace is separate; it is called the land of nirvana. “

One of the issues to understand about generalizations is that they will not be accurate. First, if in the land of happiness “everyone is happy” what is the sense of basing effort making to get a “high status”? Also, consider that what we observe as happiness in the Golden age is just a “normal” day over there, because there is no duality, happiness is not the proper name for that experience. In the Iron age, there is sorrow in a numberwise manner as well, but because there is sorrow; there must be the experience of happiness as well. This is a simple, basic rule of duality which is supported by “pure Gyan.” The “land of peace,” is just a nice name to call the soul world.

“Only worthy children can do Baba’s service. What would unworthy ones do? The Father would not give an inheritance to those who are unworthy. You have to reveal the Satguru. If you become lustful or angry, it means you have defamed the Satguru. Then, you won’t be able to claim a status. You have to be very cautious. The Father says: You have been receiving an inheritance of poison from your father and husband. Now, this parlokik Father and Husband is giving you an inheritance of nectar. You have to give knowledge of the Creator and creation to those of all religions. “

Everyone receives an “inheritance.” ( Actually, there is no such a thing as an “inheritance,” that is a label Baba have chosen to explain Gyan under Indian understanding of the relationship of the Father and the son. For all practical purposes, those labels are non existent. There is the Supreme Soul and the souls. If we choose to call the Supreme as “Our Father,” it is just a matter of semantics.

Note the emphasis on becoming a “worthy child” so an inheritance is received, meaning a “high status.” Truly this idea of an effort making life for a “status,” is as body conscious as it gets.

“To remain soul conscious is a very high destination. This requires effort. Baba says: You have to remain soul conscious for eight hours. Then, you may work for your livelihood. Stay awake at night and you will be able to experience very good love. There is an income in that. O children, who are conquerors of sleep, remember Me, your Father, in every breath! Churn the ocean of knowledge! Your sins will be absolved to the extent that you stay in yoga, day and night. You will earn an income according to the extent that you churn the ocean of knowledge.”

Finally, great points to live by…

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