Question: Dear sweet soul. What are Shiv baba’s sanskaras ? Best wishes. :)

Thank you for your question.

Dear soul,
To have sanskaras means to experience. Sanskaras are dual in nature.
God is beyond experience. God cannot have sanskaras.
Please look into the meaning of “Abhokta, Akarta, and Ashochta.” Here is an article. Once that is understood, you will see the need for Brahma Baba so, God “gets the sanskaras,” that is why, BapDada.

Best wishes,


  1. Protim

    But soul comprises of mind,intellect and sanskaras right !! All of them together is called a soul. If Shiv baba does not have sanskaras it violates the law of a soul i guess. Also when Shiv baba used to come into Brahma baba which sanskaras did he use then ? Kindly enlighten me on these points.


  2. avyakt7

    Dear soul,
    we know that the Drama “uses us” (it is not really that, for all souls plus everything that exists is the Drama)
    Isn’t what you think your Drama? aren’t your sanskaras the Drama as well? Isn’t “your decision” part of the Drama as well?
    Why separate them? 🙂
    However, nothing works in isolation in this Drama. Everything is a togetherness. Yes, the soul is individual but there is no interaction unless there is a part running, which is the Drama. God is beyond all of that. He does not have his own body as we know, When there was the connection between God and Brahma Baba, the sanskaras of Brahma Baba had to be used (also known as Brahma Baba’s Drama based on his stage at that point in time) That is why the Sakar Murlis reflect Brahma Baba’s sanskaras. It is not accurate to say that those are the sanskaras of God.

    Best wishes!


  3. Ashok Sureka

    If God Shivbaba is asochta, abhokta and akarta, then how does things happen ? who has given this true knowledge ? If everything is in the drama then what is the role of God Shiva ?


  4. avyakt7

    Dear soul, We already have knowledge. We don’t learn, we remember. Things happen through the roles that are already fixed in the Drama. We are not the roles, that realization means to live as a “detached observer” In that stage there is soul consciousness (November 25th, 2012- BapDada mentioned that in order to have all relationships with the Father, we need to become “detached observers,” first. You cannot become “truly” a detached observer unless you are soul conscious. That is the meaning of having all relationships with the Father.)

    This knowledge has been ignited in Brahma Baba’s intellect through divine means. We could call that God. However, it is important to know that the Sakar Murlis that we read in class are only from the last 5 years of Brahma Baba’s physical life. There is more to it, and that was a “work in progress” due to the churning of Gyan that Brahma Baba had at different stages of his life. God is “there” we can connect to Him through yoga (for a BK soul,) others can connect to Him through their devotion. Different realities, that is what is expected when we understand the knowledge of the seed and the tree.

    Best wishes!


  5. Khazan

    What is soul, Does it have any shape, Is it imaginary and suits to anybody explanation, Can it be proved by practical, Is it theoretical, Why people believe that they are giving the best imaginary answer regrading soul.


    • avyakt7

      “Soul” is just a name, a label to express something which can only be felt when you close your eyes, close your mind and your senses and then, you realize that despite being shutdown to the world, you are still there, beyond thoughts, emotions and words.
      It is in that silence where you can answer your own question.

      Best wishes!


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