Readers remarks: Om Shanti The GYAN as communicated through MURLIS is being explained/interpreted in BK Centres as per the understanding/perception and according to the SADHANA of the individual BK SOULs. Even though the MURLI is same in all centres, the GYAN imparted varies (from the point of view of AGNANI SOUL (less knowledgeable as to the GYAN) according to his awareness. Is there any way of going into the ‘actual words’ written by ‘BRAHMA BABA’ in ‘script’ or ‘audio/video recordings’ for a SOUL who wants to explore and churn about the GYAN. The Bhagavdgitha is an example how it is interpreted by different people in different ‘VAKHYANAS’ and the less intelligent SOUL gets confused about the real GYAN presented by different people at different points of time. Kindly elucidate on this subject for awareness of this SOUL.

Thank you for your comments.

Knowledge is experiential. To go by literal interpretation of words is the most elementary way of trying to understand spiritual knowledge. Then, we are stuck with a Guru’s interpretation who can tell us what is the “right way” to view things.

We understand once we live this knowledge. Words are merely pointers, that is why we have different scriptures and different views because our experiences are different. By making a particular version the “right” version, we are not using our ability to discern. Once we understand a point in gyan we can share it, and we can provide support for it based on Gyan as well. That is how we could advance into a different understanding.

Many times, interpretations are meant to fit a particular “dogma,” or religious philosophy. Obviously with his kind of agenda, interpretations will be made to fit that “ism.”

Our spiritual edification is based on experience of spiritual knowledge, then there is no need for “proof,” because you become the practical proof of it.

Best wishes!

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