Comments on Sakar Murli – February 23, 2013

In this Murli Baba praises Sannyasis for following celibacy. Interesting to note that their celibacy (purity) is not enough to get them a “spot” in the Golden age. As a matter of fact, I doubt that their “purity” is real, for otherwise, there is no need to go away into the forests living everyone behind. Certainly, that was a source of admiration from others and a source of ego for Sannyasis, by being able to do something that no other “normal” being would have the guts to do. This is when spirituality becomes the greatest source of ego. It is about who can live with less. Who has less number of Saris or shoes, etc. That “renunciation” is surely a source of ego. The Saffron robes or the white robes represent something, which is automatically a source of “respect.”

Note also than in this Murli Baba is talking about “pure couples.” As mentioned before; out of all the “natural sanskaras” in the Golden age; to live as a couple is no encouraged by the BK institution. To be single means automatically to dedicate yourself to organized Baba’service in the center near you, if you want to survive as a BK. That comes with all sorts of “responsibilities” to be considered part of the “close ones.” Evidently in this Murli, Baba is encouraging life as a”pure” couple, for this is the “family” path and that is the difference between “purity” attained by living in isolation and “purity” living as a “normal” couple.

Marriage as an institution has been trivialized, due to our own lack of spirituality. As Baba puts it “ it is a way to indulge in vice;” however, it does not mean that “marriage is bad,” it just means that it is experiencing its tamopradhan stage and it is our aim to elevate it again.

Below some points to churn.

“At first, there is a little darkness, and then, in the iron age, there is extreme darkness. The kingdom of Maya is called extreme darkness. The Father says: The biggest of all the enemies of Bharat is Maya, the five vices. You know that this Maya, Ravan, has abducted the Sitas, that is, he has imprisoned them in his chains. The Father comes to liberate you from the biggest of all enemies. No one knows who made Bharat that was so prosperous become so poverty-stricken. This Ravan is a big enemy. The condition of Bharat has become like this since Ravan came into existence. It is said: You have the evil spirit of anger. However, people don’t know that the five vices are called evil spirits. These evil spirits, that is, Ravan, is the greatest enemy of all. It isn’t that the Muslims or Christians made Bharat poverty-stricken; no. It was this Ravan who made everyone bankrupt of happiness and prosperity.”

In this paragraph, Baba is personalizing our own vices. Baba puts a name; Baba calls those vices”Ravan.” Then Baba will make that person real, by calling Ravan “our greatest enemy,” now we have something to fight against, something to conquer and here is where the personification of God as a “liberator” comes. Note that everything is about self transformation. Those vices are just the tamopradhan stage of our virtues. A different level according to time. We are not fighting with ourselves, we are just transforming to what we were before; that is our potential for virtues.

“Sannyasis have disinterest and so they go away to the forests. Their path is separate. They leave their homes and families; they don’t have any difficulties. Yes, there will be storms in their minds. They become liberated from the vice of lust but, yes, they do have anger, and they are numberwise in that. Some are the highest, some mediocre and some the lowest; some are totally dirty.”

Lust and anger are connected. As Baba has mentioned, anger is a “progeny” of lust. There has been this admiration for renunciates; and Sannyasis represent that. Like in any religion, you have the “scale” of the good ones, the so and so and the bad ones. This is a given in any religious path. It is amazing how much influence the Sannyasi religion has in India. The vows of renunciation are taken from them. That renunciation becomes the “bread and butter” of most well known Dharmic religion, and the reasons may vary, but in BK knowledge is about reformation of the self.

“Now, you have cancelled the marriage for vice and sit on the pyre of knowledge and become a pure couple. Therefore, you have to check yourselves to see that Maya doesn’t cause mischief. Are there any storms in your minds? Although you may have storms in your minds, you mustn’t perform sinful actions through your physical senses. By your considering to be brother and sister and by staying on the pyre of knowledge, there won’t be any fire of lust. If there were a fire, there would be degradation. “

When the self has not been explored, there will not be any self discipline nor the opportunity for a different vision and feelings. Without a different consciousness, it will be a life of going over “temptations” through sheer will power. That denotes lack of understanding, lack of experience with self transformation. Life as a couple is meant for completeness of a “natural” experience of meeting complementary energies. It is not meant as a life of a cat living with a dog in the same room. Without that inner work on the self, we are just kidding ourselves if we believe that sex lust could be overcome by living as a couple, unless our idea of life as a couple is of a 2 roommates, who only exchange the necessary information before continuing on with their isolated lives.

“They have falsified the Gita. If this one secret were to be revealed, all the BKs would become very well known. They would all surrender themselves to you. There will be your influence. Now, many people oppose you. First, your family members become your enemy. So many became enemies of this Baba too. They have even said of Krishna that he abducted women. They have made so many false allegations against him. This too is fixed in the drama. According to the drama, your influence will automatically be felt.”

If there was “proof” of that falsification, then things would be a lot easier. Otherwise, it is about exchanging different perspectives. So, Krishna is not the God of the Gita; why is that? Unless the people listening experience an “experience” it will be very difficult to merely accept explanations based on someone else’s thoughts.

Fortunately in my life, my family members didn’t become my “enemies.” I had support from them, although not their understanding. As a matter of fact, my family members remain the ones who I can always go back to in case of need. They have always helped me in whatever way they could throughout my life changes. Baba does work through others, even through my family members and that is something which I appreciate. As a matter of fact, I have experienced most of my difficulties coming from the “Divine family.” Karma = Drama.

“Even though some children write letters, Baba writes back to them: You don’t have any faith at all. If you had faith, then, since you receive an inheritance from the most beloved Father, you wouldn’t wait for even a second. Reason says that the poor would quickly come running here. Scarcely any wealthy ones would emerge. A few ordinary ones emerge. Tell anyone who comes: This is a study place (pathshala) for Raja Yoga. Just as there is yoga to become a doctor, so this is Raja Yoga for becoming a king of kings. Our aim and objective is to change from human beings into deities.”

Faith is very important. That faith has to be based on something, it could be an experience or “faith in the intellect” (understanding.) The issue is when we only have “blind faith,” then problems arise, doubts start coming and our inability to grow spiritually is stopped. Devotion takes over and with that, spiritual knowledge becomes just another devotional practice.

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