Question: Do we live inside the Earth or outside? It is your remark in one of the article what does it means …….

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
I was giving that example because the questions that we ask, denote our level of consciousness and understanding. As a matter of fact, those questions delimit the range of depth that someone could go into. This is something that I experience quite often, when someone understands what I am conveying, “I” get lots of “praise,” when what is explained in a different way is not understood or doesn’t agree with previous “understood knowledge,” then that “praise” could easily change into “defamation.” That is the game.

When I was 12, I asked my father: “Do we live in the inside or the outside of the Earth?” I was waiting for just one simple answer. Either “inside” or “outside.” When my father responded that we live “in the inside and the outside as well.” I wasn’t prepared to hear that answer. I always thought that being in 2 different spaces at the same time was impossible. That is what I understood from school, what my teachers will explain to me, my 12 year old understanding was that.

At the end I didn’t care much about the answer because his answer wasn’t expected, but he explained something like we are in the Earth’s atmosphere, which means that we are inside, but at the same time, there is no physical barrier in space that wouldn’t allow us to fly out… Now, i understand his explanation and makes sense to me.

Similarly, many Baba’s sweetest children are so used to getting the “black or white” response. It is either “this or that” but not both. That is “manmat.” See?

Best wishes!

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