Question: dear soul Omshanti. “Baba is beyond experiences” does it mean baba can’t feel anything; at the same time when we say he is ocean of love, purity, peace and happiness?

Dear soul,
Beyond experiences means that God cannot experience. 🙂 Please read this article your answer will be there.

Every soul is the embodiment of peace, love, etc, etc in a numberwise manner. If we want to call God “the ocean of those qualities” rather than a “lake,” that is fine. Words are not the experience. We are numberwise. God is not.

Best wishes!


  1. chhavi kapoor

    In the foundation course of BKWSU, it elucidates that the soul has 7 original qualities or Gun. These are peace, love, happiness, purity, knowledge, power and bliss. It is who we are, our identity. Whereas, God is the ocean of all these 7 qualities. Through our physical bodies, we can experience/feel these 7 qualities of the soul. Today, we have forgotten our true identity. Therefore, when we are soul conscious, only then we experience permanent happiness. God cannot experience but in fact is knowledge-full, bliss-full and love-full. He is complete.


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