Comment: Dear Divine Brother, Accept greetings of peace & love. Thanks to Bapdada & U, for starting an interesting initiative as “”. Kindly upload Jan 2013 & Feb 2013 ( after completion of the month) Q&A PDFs. Thank you. Om Shanti. IBY Bk Prithvi

Dear soul,

Thank you for your kind reminder. I will work today on January Q/A. (it is my intention to have time for this.)
As you can see the number of questions have increased, thus; a little more time will be required.

As far as the questions, I will select only 3 per day. I will publish several questions received as well with a short answer for some questions which are more out of curiosity. I would like to encourage souls to ask questions but also to be mindful if the questions asked will be of benefit for all.

Best wishes!


  1. Bk Prithvi

    Dear Divine soul. thanks for your uploading of Jan 13 Q&A pdf. Kindly reupload the Feb 2013 Q&A, as it is not downloadable. Offcourse i understand the time limit, post them when u r free. Thanks in advance.
    With warm regards.
    In His remembrance
    Bk Prithvi.


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