Comments on Sakar Murli – February 25, 2103


In this Murli the theme of who is the true God of the Gita? Is taken. The aim is to convince others that Shiva is the “true” God. Although we know a name and a form, many still do not understand what God is or how God manifests. The idea of a God who “creates the world,” is prevalent. Sakar Murlis mention all the time as “God the creator.” The “praise” of God is taken to make us believe that God is “saving us” from Ravan, when in fact, it is all in the play of the Drama and that “salvation” is temporarily; therefore, it is not “Salvation” at all.

As we understand the concepts of “abhogta, asochta and akarta” with greater depth, we will find out interesting things about the nature of God. Those concepts have been explained in Sakar Murlis as being the “nature of God,” but yet we have several descriptions in Sakar Murlis where we can see a God who can experience, a God who thinks and “works hard” for the children and a God that does many things to please his little children, like giving happiness to them.

I believe that we have come to a point in time when explanations do not longer satisfy us. Tomorrow someone fixes the answers to be this or that. Tomorrow a Murli is revised to say something else. Tomorrow we get an “official” answer on different things. Tomorrow, we will get brainy Ex-BKs, discovering this and that about the “hidden story” of the Yagya, etc.

My question to all of you readers is: Have you experienced this knowledge to be true in your own life? Have you had the experiences which support your belief ? Or this is just a fashionable thing to do, a “something new” to do before destruction happens and a source of “making sure” that you will be in the Golden age by “sacrificing now”?
Is that what we call “Love to God,” or merely a way to get “easy life insurance for 21 births.”

To understand Godly ways is truly out of our reach. That is why, every religion founder has served the purpose of being the bridge between their followers/section and God. Similarly is in the BK religion. We can only understand God through Brahma Baba. If we have had touchings of him in our lives, we could understand this. That is why one of the lines in the first avyakt Murli of 1969 mentioned that : “God will be known as BapDada in the confluence age.” We know that the confluence age is experienced by BK souls alone.

Below some points to churn.

“God Shiva speaks. Or, it can even be said: God Shiva, the God of the Gita, speaks. The name of the Gita is mentioned because it is the Gita that has been falsified. Everything depends on the fact that it was not the corporeal deity Sliri Krishna who spoke the Gita, that Krishna did not teach Raja Yoga and that the original eternal deity religion was not established by Krishna. Krishna cannot be called incorporeal God.”

God cannot speak directly. It has always been through Brahma Baba’s sanskaras, through Brahma Baba’s understanding, through Brahma Baba’s experience. That is why the knowledge has been changing in time. That is why we get the last 5 years of Sakar Baba’s life as the Murlis that we read everyday in class, and still they are “revised.” We need to churn this knowledge. It is not enough to say who is the “true” sermonizer of the Gita, when what is truly important is to put that knowledge into practice.

“He Himself says: I don’t take any of those forms. I have to create a new world. Krishna doesn’t have to create a world. It is Brahma who creates the Brahmin clan. There is a lot of difference between Brahma and Krishna. Brahmins have been created through the mouth of Brahma. It has not been written anywhere that deities were created through the mouth of Krishna. “

God does not create a “new world.” That comes already in the Drama. God is “akarta.” There are lots of differences between Brahma and Krishna but yet, it is the same soul performing different roles at different time. That is the teaching that we need to be aware of: DIFFERENT TEACHINGS ACCORDING TO TIME AND CIRCUMSTANCES.

“Therefore, it is good to follow the directions of Me alone. Surely, only at this time would the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, give directions. That Supreme Soul gives directions to you souls, whereas there, those who give directions are all human beings. In fact, those are also souls who give directions through their organs, but people are trapped in the name and form and so they don’t know this secret. “

Certainly, it is good to follow the directions of God alone, and those directions have always being to become soul conscious. If we take directions literally, we will not consider “time and circumstances.” Without that consideration the “directions” that we will follow will not be accurate. This is something that we need to understand. For those of you that may believe that this is “my direction,” please read the avyakt Murli from yesterday (2/24/13) where BapDada explains the importance of following directions in lieu of time and circumstances.

“The Master of the World Himself sits here and teaches you. He has the power of all the relationships such as Mother, Father, Brother, Friend, Guru etc. This praise is of only the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, but people don’t understand it. They sing this praise in front of Lakshmi and Narayan etc.”

Now we understand that ALL of those relationships are attained once we become DETACHED OBSERVERS, as BapDada has mentioned in the avyakt Murli of June 10, 2012.

“Everyone knows Krishna. Some say that Radhe and Krishna belong to heaven whereas others have taken them to the copper age. They have created this confusion. God is the Ocean of Knowledge. Only you, the Godly community, can have knowledge. How could the devilish community have knowledge? you should remember the Father with so much happiness. “

The Godly community versus the devilish community. This is the problem on “black or white” understanding. There is the community who needs these directions at this time, known as the BKs and the community of those who do not need those directions at this time (rest of the world.) If we keep understanding the Sakar Murli through a childish intellect, we will make many mistakes. If we keep following explanations without the experience of this knowledge and the awareness of the time and circumstance when those directions were given, we will do lots of disservice.

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