Comments on Sakar Murli- February 26, 2103

In this Murli certainly Baba is praising God in many ways, for “doing” many things. Even though we have the knowledge that this movie is eternally repetitive, we believe somehow that God has an “alarm clock” which will waken him up every 5000 years to “do exactly the same tasks,” to teach the knowledge exactly the same way He has done before etc. Do you feel any mercy for such a Father? I mean being “aware” of doing the same things every time “eternally” is some sort of “punishment.” In our case, we forget. Isn’t that wonderful?

My aim is not to contrast our “official” understanding of God, but merely to point out that Brahma Baba had a role to do and that was to “change” the particular way of thinking of the “children” back then and at the same time to give those children that “self respect” needed to embrace this benevolent God who has chosen them and no any other rich, well to do, handsome, intelligent etc. human being. To go from “God is a human being, his name is Krishna” to God is an “incorporeal point of light,” is a big hurdle to overcome, however, it is very difficult to play “relationships” with a point of light; unless we “humanize Him,” unless we make that point of light to have human characteristics that will make Him “lovable.” Why is the need to do that? Simply because in order to feel soul consciousness, we need to develop that love from the heart. For that love to be “full” we need to send it out, we need to feel that we are sharing it, that we are giving it and no one better than God for that. However, as explained many times, to feel love for God is something that many devotees from other religions feel. But to experience soul consciousness is something that just a few could experience at this time. We may say that “they (devotees) do not know God,” but we know that “knowing God” is a numberwise deal; therefore; just because we know His “real” name, form, and “occupation,” that does not mean that we “know God,” for God is experienced and those experiences go beyond descriptive words.

Below some points to churn.

“You first took birth to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and so He is the One who supports everyone. He is the One who supports the whole world; He is the One who removes all sorrow. People are very unhappy because it is now the end of the iron age. Therefore, He becomes the One who helps everyone. Nevertheless, there are the terms, “in general’ and “in particular’. So, He especially helps Bharat, and, in that too, He comes and meets those who are in the last of their many births, that is, those who come into this world first.”

Here we can see how the Drama works. Those who are to come “first” in the cycle of time need to be prepared. Now, that preparation is nothing else but emerging the qualities that a particular soul had a capacity to be. Nothing is being created. It is just the time to be aware of who we are. For that reason, God will spark somehow this knowledge which is already a role in Brahma Baba. From that point on; Brahma Baba becomes just like any other religious founder; however, this religion is for those who “will come first” in the cycle of time. As mentioned, at this time there are many energies, which we could call “Godly energies<” which will help us to transform. That is the meaning of “God doing through others.” A point of light in Parandham, is a point of light in Parandham. We could believe that this point is “inspiring others,” or that ”He is changing intellects,” etc. when we also know the knowledge of the Drama and the roles.

“He is the Creator of heaven, the One who helps everyone. Krishna cannot be called the One who helps everyone God, the Creator of the world, is only One. Krishna himself is the creation. He is a first-class flower of the garden. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is called the Master of the Garden and also the Boatman. People cannot understand how He is the Boatman. He truly takes us away from this tasteless world and then sends us there to the new world. “

The “creator of heaven,” who is also the “boatman.” He takes us away from this tasteless world so we can come back again… 🙂

“When devotees are very unhappy they remember God. However, they don’t know Him at all. They even say that He created them, but would they eventually come to know Him or not? At the end, they sing the praise: O God, Your divine activities are limitless. This praise has been sung. You know that if it weren’t for the Father, who would tell you the secrets of the world cycle? Who would make you into rulers of the globe? Now, at the confluence age, you are making effort to be liberated from sorrow for all time. “

More lines of praise for God. Those devotees will know who is God at the end, when there is no time for them to “make effort.” For it wasn’t in their “fortune” to know that. God has nothing to do with this but it is the “Drama.” Those devotees will repent that they didn’t realize that God was here, but it will be too late. That will repeat for eternity…. 🙂 Nothing wrong with praising God. However, there is a point where we could see if that praise is reflecting what “pure gyan” tells us.

“The Father explains that this knowledge disappears and that even this deity religion disappears. It is like that in the drama. It is only when it disappears and the world becomes unhappy that God comes and establishes it once again. No one knows when the iron age will end. Only you know the Father and the beginning, the middle and the end of this drama.”

Therefore, to be in sorrow is just “the option” to know God, to remember God 🙂 The Drama gives us sorrow through Ravan, and then God the hero, appears one more time, to save us from the villain…
🙂 But yet God will not change the Drama. He is bound by the Drama. God can “do many things,” like to come and go at “will” from the Soul world or to take an “impure body,” and then leave the cycle of time, unlike any other soul… but yet… He is bound by the Drama.

“However, it is certain that, although we have been studying for so long, some very deep points still remain and that Baba will continue to explain them. At schools, too, they teach you gradually. It isn’t that you receive all the knowledge in just one day. In the same way, here, too, it takes time to study, to have yoga and to make others the same as yourselves. The Father makes it very easy day by day and explains to you. God is One and everyone remembers Him. God alone establishes heaven, and so He would definitely teach Raja Yoga at the confluence age to make you into deities.”

As we know those “deep points” emerge only when we “churn” Gyan. When we just accept things out of a “7 day course,” we cannot possibly understand Gyan yet. Perhaps we will know the basics, the “A,B,C.” But to learn and repeat “A.B.C” all the time to everyone just because “Baba taught us in that way,” is to forget the fact that we learn “A.B.C” so we can read and write… not just ABC, but many, many different words….

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