Question: s the pole shift &mayan philosophy says destruction happened just 2500 years back.Did it happened at end of silver age?did deity souls recieve any idea about it like we are getting can they be part of that when they were in karmateet/life- liberated stage with negligible karmic accounts.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

It appears that being a BK soul and enjoying “21 births of happiness” comes with the price of “enjoying” 2 “destructions:” The one at the end of the confluence age between the Iron age and the Golden age along with other souls… and the one at the end of the Silver age, which is just for BK souls to “experience.” 🙂

Those destructions happen when “duality” starts and when “duality” finishes. Duality starts when body consciousness starts and it finishes when soul consciousness starts.

Best wishes!

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