Readers Remarks: Mystery of Numberwise

Mystery of “Numberwise:” Many times I heard the word “numberwise” in the sakar murlis and ayakta murlis. Initially, I used to think that “numberwise” means ranking i.e. one is better than two and so on. But with this understanding there is inferiority complex, comparison etc. Later, I followed this blog and churn over the “numberwise”. I realised that “numberwise” is not ranking and may not comparison. It is combination of time in the drama and emergence of sanskar of that particular soul actor. It is emergence of fullest virtue/vice of that soul actor which is supported by drama. Hence, a beautiful scene in this unlimited drama emerges. Each scene in this unlimited drama should be enjoyed by the soul as actor and spectator, because that is naturally happening: no ego. As all actors in the limited drama cannot come altogether similarly, in this unlimited drama different actor play their role at different time. Although, they are different but everyone’s role is important to complete the drama. Finally I could understand it: “Everybody is king at their own time as per their capacity”. Respected brother this is my first ever writing in the BK gyan. Hence, your suggestion and comments and advice are appreciated so I can improve upon it. BK Pravin Patil, Pune, India.

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear soul,
Thank you for sharing your “churnings.” (realizations)
To realize that we are actors and spectators at the same time is no small thing.
As you mentioned, everyone’s part is important to complete this Drama, for everything is in synchronicity. As you mentioned, everyone will have their “time,” for “this Drama is created in a very lawful manner,” as the Sakar Murli mentioned today.

Thank you again for sharing your realizations. The topic of “numberwise” is one of the most important aspects in Gyan to realize for then, we could see beauty in variety rather than “everyone should do the same,” we could see time and capacity of a soul, rather than “everyone must be this, otherwise punishment will be waiting for you, etc.”

Congrats and Best wishes!

One comment

  1. vrveerapaneni

    Om Shanti
    Thank you BK Pravin Patil and Avyakt7, Baba’s instruments of ‘SELECTED SOULS’, in making the souls to understand and making them, to ‘experience’ their ‘own experiences’ in this wonderful ‘WORLD DRAMA’.


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