Comments on Sakar Murli- February 27, 2013


In this Murli the theme of comparisons of the “old” world with the ”new world” are being made by Baba.
With that the assurance that there is an “inheritance” which the children of God have to claim. In order to do that, celibacy (purity) is the basis of it. Otherwise, there will be punishment waiting for those who do not live up to the expectations.

Also, to “climb into Baba’s heart” is an objective for the children. For that they have to be very serviceable. That is what Baba likes to see. This is where the separation between “worthy” children and “unworthy” children is made. The children need to “cut away the evil spirits,” and forget this “dirty world.”
The theme is to encourage the children to be renunciates and to maintain a relationship of love with God.

Below some points for churning.

“All souls are children of that Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, but that is in the incorporeal world. When you are there with Me, you are My children.”

Interestingly, non- BK souls are the ones who will stay the longest time with the Supreme Soul in Parandham. Would those children who have stayed the longest with their Father not get an “inheritance”? 🙂

“In fact, you are the children of Shiv Baba, but you have forgotten yourselves. You souls now know that you are in fact the heirs of Shiv Baba’s land of nirvana. Shiv Baba says: All of you are heirs, are you not? You are the children who reside in Brahmand, the masters of Brahmand. Then, you have-to come here into this world to play your parts.”

The “masters of Brahmand” even though, BK souls reside there for a brief time. Once we come to the physical world to play our parts, then the roles will play. When we start believing that we are those roles, that is in fact when “subtle” body consciousness arise, for our consciousness of having a body will change to “being a body” which plays a role according to “our own wish.” “Role consciousness” is more subtle than the consciousness of believing to be a body.

“You children are now receiving your Grandfather’s property, and so you have to remember Him. You are God’s heirs, and all the rest are Ravan’s heirs. The Ravan community is remembered. Here, you are the Brahmin community whereas that is the devilish community. They are receiving their inheritance from Ravan. This is the kingdom of Ravan.”

Now, all the children who stayed the longest in Brahmand with the “Father”, all of the sudden became: “Ravan’s children.”

“You have to become the masters of the world. We have become the masters of the world countless times. None of the sannyasis etc. can say this. The Father says: Beloved children, you have become the masters of the world countless times and you have then been defeated. Now, gain victory once again. Everything depends on your efforts.”

“Our efforts,” which at the same time have been the efforts made cycle after cycle countless times. Here resides a deep point in Gyan, for those that can see the paradox of “doing something now” because it has been done before or because it will be done later. Gaining victory is guaranteed, because it has happened before or because it will happen again; however in a numberwise manner.

“To what extent would one Baba see the charts of so many children? Baba has so much work to do. His fingers are worn out replying to the letters. However, children have a keen interest in reading a letter in Baba’s writing. I sit with You, I correspond with You. You write: Shiv Baba, c/o Brahma. Then, Baba also responds to you. He has to write so many letters. Yes, when serviceable children give news of their service, the Father also becomes pleased. When He’ receives very good letters, He places them on His eyes and on His heart. Otherwise, He has to put them in the waste-paper box.”

It is apparent that the “children” believed that God was replying letters to them. Their belief was that God would be pleased if they “did service,” otherwise their letters will go into the “waste-paper box.” Humanizing God for the sake of understanding a relationship was required.

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