Question: As far as I understood when Brahma Baba started giving knowledge,it was the point when he reached at his super consciousness and with that consciousness ,his words became the words of God.Little confused.Is it the immature thought? No intention to hurt anybodies feeling.Please give your comment.

Thank you for your question.

Dear soul,
The aim of “churning” (realizations) knowledge is to discover possibilities, to see different avenues, to be at awe with the perfection of the Drama. We cannot possibly do that, unless we are free from the box of a religious story, the box of the “official story,” the box of defending a dogmatic view rather than exploring Gyan based on the knowledge disclosed. Please do not feel that you are “hurting anyone,” if someone feels hurt by reading something different, perhaps they should take a look at their own pre-conceptions and be open to “variety.” We cannot be in fear of “different understandings.” Obviously, because the aim of this website is to “explore gyan,” I cannot have an “agenda.” I cannot defend a particular position, but merely be open to explore… and here we can share those findings.

Brahma Baba, even though his great human qualities which are known to us, was an “effort maker;” just like you and I. Brahma Baba went through the same process of realization that many BKs go through. His realizations changed in time. There is a great difference between a Sakar Murli and Avyakt Murlis, even though; it is the same Brahma Baba as “instrument” in both cases. If someone prefers to live back in the 1950’s ideals, bhakti, etc; that is OK with me. If someone rather live with the 1950’s understandings, that is OK with me. I see it more as learning how to add, (Sakar Murli) so we can learn how to multiply later. (Avyakt Murli.)

When Brahma Baba became “karmateet,” then he became “equal to the Father.” It is a wonder that we just read avyakt Murlis on a Sunday, when those are the most recent, the most accurate pieces of knowledge that we can have at this time. We have read so many avyakt Murlis, but there is no study of them, we do not remember them… why is that?

Nevertheless, it is not for me to decide what should be done, but it is for this role to express his thoughts.

Best wishes!

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  1. vrveerapaneni

    Om Shanti
    It is the experience of this ‘SOUL’, that ‘I’ get more points to churn, when ‘I’ read the ‘AVYAKT MURLI’ and in ‘my’ spiritual travel to understand the ‘SELF’.


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