Comments on Sakar Murli – February, 28 2013


In this Murli, Baba “wraps up” the whole teaching into 2 subjects: Knowledge and yoga.
Knowledge will allow the soul to become aware of how the “Drama” works; in this way our activity would have a “compass” to follow rather than our own thoughts and understanding which is based on previous traditions.

Yoga is based on love to God. That is the love which even though, explained as “unique,” it needs to be experienced as “universal” at some point in our lives to be truly experiencing “love.”
In this school, the self is reformed. That means, a complete “new” being should emerge to be able to contribute in our society. It is not the path of isolation.

Once there is knowledge and love, the result will be love, for knowledge of this Drama is….love. Not a love story with someone, but a love story of finding our true self, which is …love.

Below some points to churn:

“It is only God who teaches Raja Yoga. This Godly part is not that of the Krishna soul. Each one’s part is his own; God’s part is His own. Only now do you understand how wonderfully this drama has been created. It you just remember that this is the confluence age, it becomes firm that you are going to go to the golden age.”

Everyone has its own part, but at the same time, those parts are intermingled, cannot be separated, is a “collective” experience which changes in time.

“You should have a lot of love for the Father who purifies you and changes you from impure to the masters of the world. When you wake up early in the morning, you should first of all say “Good morning” to Shiv Baba. The more you remember Him with love, the happier you will remain. You children have to ask your hearts: How much do I remember the unlimited Father after waking up in the morning? People perform devotion in the morning. They perform worship with so much love. However. Baba knows that some children don’t remember the Father from deep within their hearts with that much love. If you wake up early in the morning and say “Good morning” to Baba and churn knowledge, the mercury of your happiness can rise. “

That love may be based on “I love you because…” in this case, “because you make me the master of the world.” When the time comes when there is love without a reason, then love will become the only reason to love.

“Those who have more remembrance of the Father receive more current because remembrance begets remembrance. There are the two things: yoga and knowledge. The subject of yoga is separate. It is a very important subject. It is with yoga that the soul becomes satopradhan. Without remembrance, it is impossible to become satopradhan. If you remember the Father very well with a lot of love, you will automatically receive a current and become healthy. “

“Without remembrance, it is impossible to become Satopradhan.” Do you get that current? Do you experience your remembrance to be the means of your self transformation?

“The Father says: Children, the past is the past. First of all reform yourself. If you yourself do not have remembrance yet continue to tell others, this cheating cannot continue. Internally, your conscience will definitely bite you. If you don’t have full love for the Father, you don’t follow shrimat.”

Therefore, love to the Father is Shrimat. Love to the Father, to be “real” love is more than “uniqueness,” it is more than a “romantic setting of only Baba and I,” it is more than “being engaged with God alone…” there is something about love which goes beyond the “requirements,” the “boxes,” the “thoughts,” the “emotions;” “what you make me feel,” …that discovery of love, when is “real” becomes Shrimat, not self imposed “Shrimat,” not something to follow; but something which is righteous in itself, something which cannot be separated from my own breathing and living. Something which means life.

“ Only those who belong to this clan will experience the sweetness of these things.”

That is a Brahmin soul.

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