Question: dear brother, often there is an action performed in a consciousness at that time it would seem right, later on when relaizing it , it would have been a wrong/negative action. As the first action was part of the drama so was the consiousness when I performed that action. What makes it hard is when you realize that it was the wrong action and start to worry. But when you see it thru the glass of knoweldge there is no point in thinking about this action as it was (including the consiousness) part of the drama, repeating itself? Do you agree?

Thank you for your thoughtful question.
Dear soul,

There is no point in thinking in “black or white” terms as “good or bad” actions. We need to use those words merely for descriptive purposes, so we can understand what we refer to. As you are finding out, every action is necessary as it is but at the same time, there is a consequence on that action whether we perceive it or not.

What we need to remember is that “acting” is a natural consequence of “being.” Therefore, your spiritual state is what determines the consequence and quality of your actions. In the process of “transforming the self” there will be many “mistakes,” which we can understand because we have knowledge, that those actions weren’t mistakes after all, but paradoxically; necessary activities to “learn,” (remember) through the consequences of those activities so we can “arrive” where we need to be, that is what we know as settling “karmic accounts.”

Lastly, “you” are not separated from the Drama. Your activities merely reflect your state of consciousness. That state of consciousness is what is needed at that particular time from “your role.” That is why there is no need to feel guilty, but to accept the responsibility and the consequences of our actions.

Best wishes!

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