Question: Dear brother, After reading your article ” Demystifying Heaven and Hell” it made me realize that the core realization is once our consciousness shifts from seeing/differentiating good or bad to seeing everything as it is , then there will not be any suffering and that is the way to karmateet stage, please carify?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

That is what BapDada refers to:” Change your vision, to change your attitude.” “See the “good” in things.”

When we churn Gyan, we can realize that we are dealing with experiences which are necessary. That necessity takes away the urgency to put things into convenient containers of “good and bad.” Without those containers there is no sense of guilt, fear or a need to feel defensive about things.Then we learn to become “detached observers,” that is not to be a “movie critic,” but just an observer, like a child looks at a “new toy” with that innocence, enthusiasm and smile of “newness.” In that stage there is no experience of “duality” anymore, then we could experience “karmateet” for our karmic accounts are no longer pulling us, but we are “beyond.” May you have that experience!

Best wishes!

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