Question: Dear brother, you are doing a wonderful job so don’t you stop or limit the churning that you do!! :) Here is my question: Here we have BK souls and the other which make up whole players in the drama, as you have previously mentioned There is no question about if we (BK) are better than the others because we get to enjoy the golden age and sliver age Party – it is according to each souls capacity and the role , however where I get confused is when we play the role of bk souls, sometimes we tend to get attached to the label of BK , is that attachment due to ego? After all, should not it be that it is just a role as of a non bk ?

Thank you for your words of encouragement… Now, I feel free to “churn” on what comes to this role and use precious time on that… All is good… 🙂

I believe your question is answered in the recent article: “Demystifying Heaven and Hell.” Being a “BK” is a role as you mentioned. We can assign to that role a “value” to increase ego or “uniqueness” to separate from others, or we can give that role a sense of “responsibility” which comes with it. After all, we know that every soul is a “Brahma Kumar /Kumaris,” right? 🙂 It is the responsibility of an “effort maker,” of someone who is committed to reach “his” highest destination by “forgetting” about the consciousness of “I” and “mine.” When in that consciousness, the label “BK” is non existent, we will be free from labels. but at the same time we will have reached our destination. Another paradox of being and non-being.

Best wishes!

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