Question: Om shanti. Dear Brother, Congratulations for completion of one year of this wonderful website. I benefited a lot from your churning as well as from the question and answer section. Today I wish to get clarification on : Does the law of entropy applicable only to the corporeal world? Is there any pre-condition for application of law of entropy? Just because of using the body made with 5 elements of nature to play the role, the souls go through the high state to low and not the supreme soul (who most of the time stay in incorporeal world)? But during the present time, the supreme soul also using a body to play its role, then the supreme soul should also experience the high state to low?

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

Dear soul,

Entropy works in the physical world. It is how matter changes. How everything changes to become something else. The belief of linear time has given the “fatalistic” view of entropy when applied to the Earth and the Universe. However, in a cyclical view of time, we know that the lowest point of entropy will have a “transformation” which cannot be annihilation, which will bring a state of lower entropy again.

As far as your question about God, please recall that God is “beyond experiences.”
Please read the following articles:

Now, you can draw your own conclusions.

Best wishes!

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