Question: I want to Know about when every thing is drama what need to do karma please explain i am confuse by a very long time

Thank you for your question.

Dear soul,
That question was answered already. Please read the articles below.

Best wishes!


  1. Ashok Sureka

    Dear Brother

    Besides the knowledge of drama, Shivbaba has also given us the knowledge of karma, according to karma philosophy whatever we are getting today is the result of our previous karma and whatever we are doing today decides our future ….
    This drama is a play of cause and effect, nothing happens here automatically, there must be a cause behind every effect . Suppose a student stands first in his class , it doesnt happen itself, there must be hard work behind that success.
    Though everything is fix in this drama yet you can feel a free will every moment, this is the beauty of this drama, our purusharth makes oue destiny.
    The kind of fruit ( sweet-sour-bitter) you want in your future , the same kind of seed you will have to sow.
    You cant blame anyone for your future only and only you are the maker of your destiny, thats why , though Shivbaba knows that the drama is fix even then He teaches us

    Om Shanti


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