Salvation to all … is a lunch break to all.

One of the lines of Gyan which will need our undivided attention is to find out how is “God the one who gives salvation to all.”

As this role perceives it, the issue with “praising God” by using well known religious lines ( Christianity has that line as well) is that “pure Gyan” may not be able to fit that description.

In “Pure Gyan,” we can observe how experiencing and expressing a role, is all there is. In this circle of life; there is no such an “arrival” as “salvation.”
Because I am here. I will be here writing this in 5000 years despite of what I may do in between. That is a warranty of the eternity of this role. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to stay… 🙂

Everything is “temporary but eternal.” That is a huge paradox to understand.

If going to the soul world is “salvation,” then getting out of it, is not.. 🙂 The “news” is that we will be “in” and “out” as an “unlimited tourist.” Therefore, where is that salvation?

If salvation is to get to the Golden age, then how is it possible for “everyone” to get “salvation”?
The word “salvation” is a loaded word.
“Salvation” is a 15 minute break for some or 45 minute break for others. That is all. It is a “lunch break.”

When looking at Gyan then, it is important to take a look at it without the pre-conception of “loaded words, “ that is words which mean something which they may not truly represent.

It would be advisable to see Gyan as it is; destruction is not really destruction, but “transformation” based on the fact, that we are eternal souls. Just as when one of our teeth is being pulled (hopefully by a dentist,) we may feel pain, but that is not the “end of the world.” (Another “pun…” sorry.)

To look at things in an “unlimited way,” is to go beyond the boundaries of this “existence.” That is why we have the knowledge of the cycle of time. That is why, we are “trikaldarshi” at this time.

Destruction is as natural as Creation. One cannot go without the other. That is the “natural” law in the world of duality. When we become aware of this circle of life, transformation is what we will be able to see. Nothing is static, but just our own mind set… Sometimes. 🙂


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