Earth & I

Oh Earth, How you’ve been Misused!

Taken for Granted, Undervalued, Abused

Both Pleasure and Pain I’ve Given and Taken 

Your Symbiotic, Humble Nature completely Mis-taken

Positive Reverberation you Could Not Provide

When to Gratitude, Balance & Harmony I Died

It was I who took away all your Beauty

Oh Mother you have Given So Freely!

The Color of Love is the Signiture of You

So much Green you have given for us to Bloom

Did we turn Green into Greed and undervalue Truth?

I Vow from now to Care and have Respect for You too!




  1. vvrisor

    This SOUL, recollects a beautiful and melodious song, which is listned atleast once every day, by this SOUL :
    “Prema Mayi Sansar Bane,
    Prakruti Ka Hum Vandan Kare,
    Eswariki rachana paanch tatva kaa,
    Dilse Abhinandan kare…………..”
    broughtout by


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