The 5000 years cycle and world population estimates

It is said that a picture is worth a million words… or just a thousand? Anyway let me play western scientist and take away “0s”to fit my theory.

You can see 3 important pictures about world population in this article.

The first picture (displayed by Google but not made by them as a disclosure) happily shows us that we have grown from 3 billion people to 7 billion people in 51 years!

That is despite 2 major world wars, famine, lack of resources, etc. which is reasonable to expect as population grows and entropy increases.

Now, keep that in mind when someone asks how is it possible for the cycle to be only 5000 years.
If you read this post about when “man appeared on Earth” according to European historians, Man appeared “ indisputably” based on the fossils that they have found 2 million years ago! 🙂
Here is the link:

Please note this: “A fossil skull fragment discovered in England is the oldest known example of modern-day humans: a 300,000-year-old Homo sapien.”

Remember what I mentioned that science is made in the UK and the USA? 🙂 I wonder why they didn’t discover that in Africa (where man appeared) or in Asia, where the largest population resides?

Ladies and Gentlemen: How is it possible for human beings to have appeared on this Earth 2 MILLION YEARS AGO and at the same time had a population of only 1 BILLION human beings up to 1830, when we can go in 51 years from 3 BILLION to 7 BILLION human beings?

I am not a rocket scientist, but I recognize when something smells “fishy.” This smells “fishy” to me.

Of course, do not ask a scientist how man appeared on Earth? Or how everything started? For that would be very amusing to hear.


Now, if you please give your attention into the second graphic below, you will see the top countries with the largest population in the world. Note that we know that Pakistan was part of India; therefore, India by all means has the largest population in the world. Now, How is it possible for the countries who have the largest population in the world to be in Asia and yet, scientists think that “man appeared in Africa,” but yet we see only 1 country from Africa (Nigeria) as being number 8? Mystery huh?
Is it possible that Indian people reproduce faster than Africans, even though Africans had 1.5 million years in their advantage (since man appeared there) to procreate?

That smells “fishy” to me… 🙂


On the last graphic below, Man needed not 2 million years but now 50,000 years to get to 1 BILLION people. (what happened to the other 1.9 million years?)
How is it possible for the population to grow 4 billion in 51 years from 1960, but yet only 1 Billion “in the beginning” having more than 1.5 million years to reproduce like rabbits, for TV wasn’t invented yet? 🙂

That smells “fishy” to me….

Dear souls,
When someone disputes to you about how come Brahmin souls think that this cycle is only of 5000 years rather than a linear time of 2 MILLION years, please just show them this article.



  1. Munster Dog

    Two things you need to take into account 1) World population 70,000 years was only around 2-15,000 people so that’s your starting point not 1.9m years and 2) population is linked to food and energy sources. We have been able to increase our population in last 200 years by so much because of cheap energy allowing us to cultivate more land than just human power would allow and secondly to use chemical inputs (fertilizers) increasing crop yields. Cheap fertilizers are possible because of cheap fossil fuels. Once the fossil fuel age is spent the world population will fall unless other cheap energy sources are used/found. Estimates are that the world can sustain 2 billion max… All the evidence is that humans have been around longer than 5000 years.I personal doubt though that the race will be here in another 5000 – we are too prone to self destruction as can be seen by lack of action over climate change.


  2. avyakt7

    Thank you for your kind comments, dear souls!
    1) Yes Kribbs, the data presented as “accurate” is not. As a matter of fact, there is no congruence among many of the “branches” of science. It is fishy.. and angelplay noted. The “worse” mistake a BK can do is to rely in so called “science.” Unfortunately, for those with doubts in the “head,” all they need to do is open their hearts and the doubts will go away. The heart is way more powerful than just being an analytical mind.

    2) Karishma, thank you for your support and sense of belonging. Consider yourself one of the few souls, who can appreciate avyakt7’s weird sense of humor… 🙂


  3. karishma Jain.

    Omshanti brother
    I wanted to say that I feel that I am lucky to be a part of this web. Iget so much to learn. I really like the way you crack little jokes in your articles


  4. Kribbs

    Absolutely brilliant piece. A lot of what is presented as science cannot pass rigorous scientific testing – it is in fact unscientific. Thanks for this great article


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