Question: Dear brother, Experiences of detachment is what creates the space as there is not any pull towards anything or the need to be in the flow of emotional waves, however to truly arrive to that point where you are naturally detached, takes lot more than words, and understanding. As you have mentioned, it takes different kind of meditation form for each person according to their capacity, does this mean one need to experiment different kind to see what works better for them?

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,

As you mentioned, spirituality is more than words and brainy analysis. That is just theory. The experience is what is needed and that will come according to “our efforts.”

Life will present you with the “tools” to get there if this is really what you have in your “heart,” or role to experience. Just be open to life. Experiment. Find out what works for you. The paths may be a bit different but the destination is the same; for a Brahmin soul it is called “soul consciousness.” Detachment comes “built in” that experience.

Many people call “meditation” to many different things. Sitting there without doing nothing or thinking nothing special; sometimes is what will allow you to feel the self; then in that experience; you will be able to find that “destination.”

Best wishes!

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