Question: Dear brother Om Shanti, I have gone through you blog, just one word AMAZING….It appears as if GOD SHIVA is himself imparting gyan by making you NIMIT. Brother I have a question which arose today while reading ur blog. Refer your article ‘The illusion of time – Or I will be in heaven longer than you :-) and ‘“Those who become the most elevated beings then become the lowest too. “ Now my question is if every soul enjoys its heaven or hell as per its time, what benefit we the children of BABA have got. What if we r now aware of GOD & GYAN. Pleasr reply keeping both of your articles in mind. I m waiting to read the reply. I have observed that whenever my questions are answered, another question immediately creeps into my mind. Now BKGYAN is here to solve all my querries. BABA is with you. Keep it up.

Thank you for your question and words of encouragement!

Dear soul,

First, since you are a newcomer, please be aware of these 2 things:
1) Questions generally will be answered up to 3 per day.
2) I will be “out of town” from tomorrow, March 9 until the 23rd. I will share some articles as time permits, but I will not spend more than 30 minutes on a computer… After March 23rd, things will go back to “normal.”

So… you want to know what are the benefits that “we” the children of Baba have? 🙂
I thought that every soul was a child of Baba, right? 🙂
Therefore, the benefit is that “we” know Baba in a numberwise way and that “we” know this knowledge in a “numberwise” way. Those are “great benefits,” dear soul!

Best wishes!

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