Readers Remarks: Dying Alive or Staying Alive?

beautiful beautiful beautiful this site is beautiful. i seem to have found a ‘khazana’. dear soul plz can u tell what actually is meant by ‘dying alive’ as mentioned in yesterday murli.

Avyakt7 responds:
Dear soul, thank you for your kind words. The beauty that you see is a reflection of you, which is made possible in this site thanks to the contribution of souls like “Angelsplay,” “PreciousPerl,” and BK Joseph. We have a team now! 🙂

On your question, “Dying alive,” is equivalent to self transformation.
As replied in another post:

It is the journey of letting yourself “be” without losing the “aim and objective,” to heal the wounds of the “hero actor,” sacrificing his/her life for that which he/she believes in. It is the beginning of a new self, the story of the “phoenix bird,” reborn again out of his/her own ashes. In Baba’s language: “Dying alive.”

Best wishes!

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