Question: my wife in bk and i am non bk , I req. sex in a week but my wife say sex is pap. for me sex is ne necessary so my marriage life in going on bad future

Dear soul,

Let me just remind you that sex does not mean marriage, and marriage does not mean sex.
Marriage does not mean love either, nor love is necessarily expressed in marriage.

Please keep the above in mind. You could work things out but if sex is that important for you as it is for many and celibacy is that important for her,as it is for a few; changes will need to happen to accommodate both. Everything has a timing in life.

Love is timeless. I am responding to you like this, not as another response, which is easy to come up with. I am responding to you with utmost respect and understanding of this challenging moment in your life, because I have been there.

Regardless of the outcome, true love will remain expressed in a different way. Friendship is one of those ways which I am experienced with, and the one which has taught me and made me grow in life.

A “true” lover now is someone who is a good friend for all time. When there is no love, friendship cannot be there.

Best wishes!

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