Question: What does exactly the meaning of nyara and pyara ? Is nyara means to become detached from the body consciousness so that to become pyara of the Brahmin family due to his selflessness or Baba mean to say nyara when one become detached from others and then become pyara to Baba.

Thank you for your good question!
Dear soul,
As the Drama works, this article published someplace, explains neatly DETACHMENT AND LOVE.
Paradoxically, both words together (detachment and love) symbolize love, but detachment is not love by itself. Thus, the question of being detached to everyone else and loving to Baba alone does not arise. However, for souls who are used to love as being “mushy,” and very obsessive and almost with a “stalker” flavor; for them, who are the majority; it is necessary to make that “division” between love and detachment. That is what we usually hear in the Murlis.

However, for the “rest of us,” 🙂 (wah our fortune!) here is something that you may want to consider:
Best wishes!

Detachment …

Love can only exist in freedom

Buddha said:

The world is full of suffering;

the root of suffering is attachment;

suppression of suffering

is the elimination of that addiction.

Detachment could be defined as “lack of thirst.”

Think of the mind of a person desperate with thirst and that of

someone who does not.

Note mentally the difference.

In which side do you see peace, tranquility, security, etc?

Now look at the world. And your particular and personal world.

Unhappiness there around and within you, what causes it?

The economic situation?, unemployment?, loneliness? …

If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s nothing like that. If you solve

all these things, you would see other things causing unhappiness.

So what is that?

Unhappiness is what you carry with you wherever you go.

That unhappiness is in yourself and you can not escape.

It’s on your schedule, in your computer brain. That unhapinees is your

belief, those ideas which seem so logical that you do not even know that

tyrannize and enslave you.

Your mind no longer produces unhappiness.

But if you analyze it, you’ll notice one thing that causes unhappiness: Desire – attachment.

And what is attachment?

It is an emotional state of compulsive relationship to one thing or person

The belief that without that thing or person, is not possible to be happy.

Facundo Cabral says:

I want little, and what little I want, I desire little.

Your mind says:

You can not be happy if you do not have this or that, or if that person is not with you.

You can not be happy if that person does not love you.

You can not be happy unless you have a secure job.

You can not be happy if you do not give your future some security.

You can not be happy if you’re alone.

You can not be happy unless you have some fashion.

You can not be happy if others act well.

and … how many more “cannot be happy if …”.

Your mind is programmed to constantly prove (but by a

thing on the other) that can not be happy.

All that is false.

You are happy here and now, but do not know, because your false

distorted beliefs and your way of seeing things you have filled

fears, concerns, lies, conflicts, guilt …

If you could see through the entangle,
Not a single moment in your life could be without being happy.

Be Happy.

All things that you stick to, that you are convinced that

you cannot be happy, your reasons are simply anxieties.

What makes you happy is not the situation around you, but the

thoughts in your mind.

Attachment is an emotional state that has two ends, one positive and

other negative.

The positive is the state of pleasure and excitement you feel when

you possess that to which you are attached.

The negative is the sense of threat and tension that

accompany what makes you vulnerable to emotional disorder and which threats

to constantly shatter your peace.

Look carefully: Failure to achieve the object of attachment, originates

unhappiness, and it can only produce a moment of pleasure

followed by the concern and fear of losing it.

Can we win the battle against addictions?

Yes Renouncing them. Changing our programming.

Make a list of everything you have attached and tell each of these


I’m not really attached to you at all.

I’m just fooling myself thinking that without you I cannot

be happy.

And if your attachment refers to a person, say:

I’ll let you be yourself, you have your own thoughts,

you could satisfy your own tastes, you can follow your own inclinations, you could

behave as you decide to do so. I release you with love and release myself

with Love…

Now you are able to love-love, with a capital “L”-to that



Because love is not love. What you want, you own it.

When you love someone for you, you are only getting a string

tied up to your neck on the other side.

Love can only exist in freed-OM.

Posted by Dubraska at 11:25 in Spanish – Translated through Google and modified by Avyakt7 from the Spanish version.

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  1. vvrisor

    Thank you Avyakt7.

    It’s the experience of this soul – to be physically near ‘Grand Children’ and feel ‘LOVE’ and happiness – If they are not near feeling discomfortable and ‘unhappy’.

    After into GYAN, understanding the importance of feeling of LOVE with DETACHMENT, I feel, the ‘feeling guage’ of LOVE has increased.


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