Question: Dear brother, After going deep into gyan, I am starting to wonder if there is such thing as “logical” explantion. Everything – words, action, and emotions are the script of indvidual role playing/repeating…as it is all eternal. trying to make sense out of it logically is like finding the begnining of the circle. your thoughts?

Great realization!

Dear soul,
We have been “brainwashed” to believe in “logic and reason” as equivalent to the “truth.”
Logic and reason, could take us closer to a mental picture which will give us a “collective” understanding based on what we have been taught. For example, If I know about elephants and I see a hippopotamus for the first time; or any other animal; my way of perception of reality will be tinted with that knowledge of the elephant. That is “logic and reason.” It is our elephant. Then we say: A hippopotamus is “like an elephant,” a dog has 4 legs like an elephant but smaller, etc. Likewise, logic and reason only fit our mental pictures to make sense of a “black or white” reality which does not understand paradoxes nor contradictions as perceptions of reality. BY NO MEANS LOGiC AND REASON COULD FIT LIFE AS IT IS EXPERIENCED BY SOULS. What we know as “life” which is the Drama is not based on our “meaningful truths” of logic and reason which represent only a very small capability of the human intellect.

As you mentioned, for logical people to find the “beginning of the Drama,” is something which they have a hard time understanding. Therefore, they may say; “everything has a beginning. BKs think that this Drama does not have a beginning. That is illogical.”

However, Those souls are not aware that time is an illusion, therefore, to understand “eternity” is out of our “logical, reasonable” mind.

Spirituality is not based on logic and reason. Spirituality is closer to the reality of life, the Drama; which is that we are eternal souls and eternity cannot be grasped by logic nor reason. There is a different intelligence, a different consciousness needed to grasp that. When we fully have this realization, that is the time when science is virtually “thrown out” the window, for we cannot grasp spirituality by only following “scientific methods” or the way that we have been taught to perceive “reality.”

Congratulations for that realization!

Best wishes!

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