Question: Dear Brother, Om Shanti. My question is related to purity in thoughts. I thought I have attained purity in thoughts regarding the brother-brother drishti as I have taken oath with Baba. It was going good but again a time comes in drama when my attention goes towards a soul I can’t say it physically attracted but yes attracted to some extent because of his niceness. Not more than that. Is it because I have any karmic account with that soul because I notice that among many, my attention goes to that one only. and I am trying hard to get out of this feeling as concentration changes and I forget baba at that time. The problem which i am afraid of is that because of these vibrations, He is also attracted towards me to some extent. And I am afraid that this is creating another bad karmic account of mine. How should i approach this problem?

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,

Experiences are meant in the spiritual path so we can learn, so we can recognize. As long as you remain protected by following the code of conduct, you will be able to experiment. However, experimentation has duality. It can have a very sweet flavor or a very bitter one. It takes time to process it. There is a risk.

Dear soul, you cannot be sure that the other soul is “attracted towards you” the same way that you perceive it. There is no love in attraction.

Once you recognize the difference between love and attraction, that sort of “tests” will not be in your path. That is the key. Once you know that, you will know how to act. Attraction will take you away from spirituality, love will only reinforce spirituality.

Knowing love is the surest way to “pass those tests” with honors.

Best wishes!


  1. Rajesh Sardana

    brother om shanti please send any item’s in hindi

    On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 6:49 PM, Exploring the Depth of Brahma Kumaris Gyan


  2. Angel

    Thanks for the reply brother.. Yes you are right it takes us away from spirituality so from baba… But as I am trying to pass this test, It is taking its time….. I believe I will pass this test with honours… Om Shanti…


    • avyakt7

      Dear Angel,
      There is no rush. Take your time. Experience the experience and learn to feel when the time has come to move on. In my experience, the mantra has been: “do not reject, accept” let the actors play their role but at the same time learn to feel when it is the time for you to act, with accuracy.
      All the best for you.. 🙂


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