“To forget your body and to stay in remembrance of the Father are the same thing.”

The above line comes from the Sakar Murli of last Saturday, March 16, 2013. (line 11, page 2) It also adds: “You have to consider yourself to be a bodiless soul.”

I took a break from my “vacation,” just to post this; for I was wondering how many Bks were able to pick up that line? 🙂

It is indeed a very IMPORTANT line.


Because remembrance is an experience. It is the experience of being body-less. That experience is not related with “seeing the body from the outside,” but it is related with the experience of recognition that we are not the body. That experience comes through being absorbed in concentration so thoughts are not there but the experience of bliss which “shows” the soul.

In this experience, we can recognize what “remembrance of the Father is.”

I thought it was very important to share this, due this paragraph coming to my awareness: ” However, God Shiva point of light remembrance was not part of PBKIVV practise or culture until at least the 1960’s, as we know from recently discovered documents, and personal reminiscences.
Which leads to the question: ‘How did the early adherents of Brahma Baba, (the Dadi’s included), in the Karachi days and early Madhuban days, gain spiritual power, and absolvement of sins, given God Shiva point of light meditation was not practised?’
I am sure one of you bright young sparks will have the answer.”

The answer is clear. For some the picture of the point of light will be needed. For some, the idea of the “Father” will be needed to trigger feelings of love; but the experience of being body-less is the important experience to know “remembrance.” We are numberwise. Some may need “training wheels,” before riding the bicycle.

The above is congruent with many other excerpts from avyakt Murlis which were shared here, about remembrance of the “Father.”


Of course, without EXPERIENCE, all we have is just history and analysis to understand. “True” understanding comes when there is no need for intellectual understanding.


  1. B.K.Gayathri

    Dear sparkling stars,
    Om shanti.

    Thanks brother Luis for your churnings. This reminds me of what Dadi Janakiji told us a few years ago.

    She told us that in the early days/ years of the yagya, they were asked to concentrate on only one point – that they were points of light/ souls. They used to tell each other playfully too, “You are a soul, i am a soul.” 🙂

    And the greeting, ‘Om shanti’ was introduced much later; earlier they used greet each other, “Do you remember Shiv Baba? (Shiv Baba yad hai?)”

    The main point of knowledge that they would think/ discuss was about ‘smriti & vismriti’ that is, ‘awareness (of being a soul), and forgetfulness (forgetting the fact that they were souls).

    The 14 years of intense tapasya they did before they started to serve others was completely about being soul conscious. That explains why they became unshakeable in their faith in Baba and also how they could maintain the spiritual love for one and all.



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