Question: is belonging to any of the organization needed for our growth in spiritualism.

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,
Are training wheels needed when learning to ride a bicycle?
Yes. (usually) but yet the goal is to ride a bicycle without training wheels. Time is needed. Practice is required. The support of those training wheels is required at some point in time.
Spirituality is universal, like riding a bicycle. Once you learn how to ride one bicycle, you can ride a different type. All are bikes. All are good.

Your own preference and needs will dictate how you answer your question.

Best wishes!


  1. vvrisor

    Dear Avyakt7,
    But the problem is, we start with some training wheels to learn and try to ride a particular bicycle, in the process find it difficult to ride, try another bicycle and go on changing the bicycles on the basis of the learner’s riding experience. Ultimately, the soul may or may not be able to learn….. how to ride a bicycle.


    • avyakt7

      Dear Vivrisor,
      Those changes happen while we are still riding the bike with training wheels. If we had the experience of riding the bike without them; there wouldn’t be a need to look for another place which will give us another set of training wheels!

      All is good according to our fortune, as you know. 🙂


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