Question: Dear brother, Gyan’s interpretation is mainly clouded by individual’s past experience, culture and the social setting, thus the spiritual experience for everybody differs to some extent. This means to truly experience Gyan as it is supposed to be , we need to be able to remove all those accumulation of past experiences, information and all other stuff. In my experience when I listen to a murli point I see these clouds come in a shadow preventing me to experience or understand as I truly should be. Does this mean we should learn to remove all these before listening to murli or practicing spirituality?

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

We need to be like children. How a child learns something so easily? Because that child is not concerned about “erasing” what he has learned. He is not concerned in analyzing stuff and comparing to find “faulty” information, to contrast and to weigh ‘pros and cons.’

A child is open to “learn,” accepts without comparison. If that which he has learned brings some benefit, a child will stick to it until something else comes up. Probably that is the reason why BapDada calls us children most of the time; even though we like to play “children” around Baba, our minds do not.

It is excellent that you realize those “clouds” coming into your mind. Realization has its own “cure.” After that, there is no need to “do” anything else.

Best wishes!

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