Question: I know that the intellect is used to focus the mind and to analyse the thoughts which come from the mind. Therfore, I don’t understand precisely what is the signification of this point from the murlis : “All the knowledge is in your intellect children…” It means that the intellect is able to store information like a memory…? Thank you in advance for your help.

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

We can get easily carried away by words… “intellect focus the mind and anlyzes thoughts” sounds good. Those words could make you look like an erudite, a scientist, a psychologist, etc. According to Raja Yoga gyan, we know that knowledge is one of the characteristics of a soul (along with peace, bliss, etc.)

It was mentioned here before: “We do not learn, we remember.” Therefore, “knowledge is already in the intellect of the children” in a numberwise manner. The only reason why a BK soul “accepts” this knowledge is because it has experienced what Gyan proposes. A Bk soul has that experience because gyan is already “recorded” in the role of that soul. The chicken or the egg dilemma. What is first Gyan or the experience of what gyan proposes? 🙂

We have learned through “school” that we “learn” stuff and accumulate that info in our memory. That is not true, although it “appears to be.” We cannot “learn” something “new.” We cannot add something “new.” Otherwise, roles wouldn’t exist and then we will go back into the discusion of “free will vs. predestination,” which only add a layer of confusion if we have not realized Ego. Once we realize Ego at some level, the confusion is gone and those 2 “bad words,” (predestination and free will) will be out of our vocabulary and only left for those who are unaware of Ego.

That is why, when we try to interpret this “new” knowledge based on what “school” and society has told us before, we will not be able to experience the “newness” of Gyan unless we put aside what we think we know. That information becomes a handicap for a new experience. Paradoxically, to learn means to unlearn. 🙂

Best wishes!

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