Question: Dear brother i love gyan so so much like,you have told in a answer that “it is imposible for god to create this world”. How can you say that? How can we judge baba’s limits. May be there is other method used,which is not comes in karma. May be the defination of karma is different for baba. Baba only told us”what he do”,not”how he do”. I hope you get my point because i am little slow in english

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
I respect your viewpoint. If you want to believe that God can create the world, let it be.
That gyan which we both “love” does not support that, for everything is eternal. Nothing can be created. Every changes in time.
To say that “God creates the world,” is to deny a very important premise of “pure gyan.”

Many times we tend to confuse “admiration” to God as knowledge. That is the origin of “bhakti.”

Best wishes!

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  1. Bk.rajesh

    Brother,i know that drama is eternal because if there is a point of creation than the point of destruction should too exist for drama.


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