Comments on Avyakt Murli – March 24, 2013

This Murli has theme of knowing what is “karankarvanhar,” and what is “Karanhar.”

There are many views on this. I will share two types.

First: The traditional view. That is BapDada is Karankaravanhar. He does through others, and we become the ones doing, “Karanhar” when in the awareness of that One.

From this view, the idea of BapDada or Baba “doing things,” is born as long as I “connect” with Him.
Then, BapDada mentioned about the meaning of “Karmateet,” (beyond the effects of karma.) Traditionally, if you follow the Sakar Murlis; that is something that we will experience only “At the end.” However, in avaykt Murlis, it is mentioned that we can experience the “karmateet stage,” now.
BapDada mentioned, if nothing affects us as “good or bad.” 🙂
Isn’t it that BapDada mentioned that we need to transform “everything into good”? Why is the experience of something “good” not required to be “karmateet”? Because we need to go “beyond.” That is “beyond” the knowledge of duality.
This will be as far as “traditional Gyan,” will take us when it comes about “churning.” It will be about feeling a connection with God, to remember that I don’t do things, but Baba does them and to keep a balance between service to “others” and self-service.

Second: There is another view.

BapDada is simply speaking about Ego. That is why BapDada mentioned about the existence of two “I.”
One “I” is the one thinking that is doing things, the other “I” is the one of the experience of the soul.
When we experience the “I” of the soul, which is the “being;” we are connected with “God.” In the absence of Ego, things will move smoothly according to what “needs to be.” That is “action” for the sake of action. Therefore, a soul in that state does not have any bondages of duality. That soul does not feel affected if someone “praises” him or “defames” him. It is the same monkey with a different banana. 🙂

That state of egoless-ness is to be “karmateet.” In that stage, “elevated” actions can occur, because it does not depend on the ego thinking: “ I gave gyan so good. I made so many BKs. They will be my subjects, when I get my palace in the Golden age.” 🙂
Or, there will not be the feeling of being offended such as when someone refers to us as: “ He doesn’t know the truth. All he speaks about is Manmat. I feel mercy for him. He is becoming a traitor and he will repeat that every cycle. “ The Ego of “reacting” and “proving our innocence” should see that but understand that this soul speaking such things is “pure,” but influenced by ego. Mercy is good wishes from the heart for the soul, despite the influence of his sanskaras.

In that experience of being “ego-free,” there is mercy. The experience of balance between the self and service is experienced for things will happen according to the Drama and not according to what “I” would like to do. To let things for the Drama is not to let things go carelessly as some souls interpret, but rather when “my” stage is “good” the Drama automatically “changes” to that. Before “doing” there is “BEING.”

This is a detached observer or as the blessing mentioned: Letting go. Letting go of that controlling ego.
Or as the slogan mentioned, you can think about Baba to make your thinking into powerful thoughts; but also know that feeling the self is to remember Baba… 🙂

Here Self service is truly service, for there is no “others” to serve; but there is a unity, something which ego cannot see… but to get to this point is not a matter of “talk” but a matter of experience.

Two views of the same gyan. Both valid. Both numberwise.

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    Dear Soul, Fantastic! Thank you for sharing your churning. It is helping me to understand what churning can be. Also your sharing is showing me I need to dwell more in the realm of experience and the need to move away from just adding to my encyclopedia of information.
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