Question: om shanti…generally we beleive in what we can see, when i think of location of paramdham , is this the fourth dimention which we cant purview with our scintific gadget yet …..please enlighten…

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Please stop believing in what you can see. Usually that is deceiving. πŸ™‚
Paramdham or the “soul world,” could be defined as a dimension by using simple words; however that does not mean anything nor does add anything “good” to your knowledge other that useless information. When you say “Parandham” is a dimension; you haven’t said anything but merely hiding a lack of knowledge behind another word. “Parandham” is an experience. You may ask a Sanyassi according to Sakar Murlis; who has “experienced” that. If he tells you, it is “this and that,” you can share that “information” with someone else; and that becomes just repetition of words of something which cannot be readily experienced by “normal” people trapped in the physical world… that is Science. πŸ™‚

There will never be a “material” gadget to know something “non-material.”
For scientists, the “4th dimension” is what used to be known as “time,” and now; known as “time-space.” However, scientists do not know that time is paradoxical. When trapped in the physical realm there is time; even though for the “soul” time does not exist. According to your consciousness, so is your experience and your perception of reality.

One more thing; Gyan to be knowledge is meant to be experiential. Otherwise, Gyan without experience is just encyclopedic information.

Best wishes!

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