Question: Sir/Mam,Can u give me a hindi meditation commentary of sheelu behn in written form……

Dear soul,

A couple of things that I would like our kind readers to be aware of about this site.

1) The language used in this site is ENGLISH. I could write probably better in Spanish; but it is not as “Universal” as English is. Also, I would like for our readers to know that I do not speak Hindi. Many times souls write in their questions using Hindi words, which add additional tasks for me to do, such as to find out what the meaning of that word is in English. Most of the time, I can handle it; but if I cannot find the translation; I will let everyone know. That is an “extra” so our divine souls from Bharat feel at ease.

Also, this role does not “send Murlis” to anyone in any language via email. This role ONLY “CHURNS” and SHARES.

2) This blog is about churning Gyan. I am sharing this role’s realizations (churnings) and I am certainly open to talk about those items which some souls may not find suitable for them. This role does not endorse anyone’s “churnings” or commentaries of any kind. If this role finds something worthwhile to share that someone wrote in “this role’s” view, I will share it; but as you can see 99% of this blog is “original work,” free of copy rights and certainly not looking to make one dollar out of this or 54.35 rupees. 🙂 This role does not do “research for anyone,” nor translations.
If someone wants to post any of this material someplace, the only thing I ask is to put it as “it is,” without additions or subtractions, with the name “avyakt7” or from: in that. That is all.

Thank you dear soul for giving me the opportunity to clarify some matters through your question.

Best wishes!

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