Love the freedom of love

When a human being is trapped in his own “movie,” when a human being is in bondage of his own thoughts, ideas, perceptions, ideals, etc. that human being is not free. Without freedom there cannot be love for love is made of freedom as the ocean is made of water.

There is love from the mind and there is love from the heart.

Love from the mind will trap someone. That love is obsessive. That love wants to possess someone. That love does not let go. The mind creates stories. Those stories have a preconceived destination. When that destination is not reached, the mind cries. When the mind cries, the heart feels. When the heart feels that sadness; there is bitterness, anger, despair and …. a disease. All of that is love of the mind.

That love from the mind has expectations. That love from the mind cannot let someone be free. That love from the mind demands for a return.

The mind has to be free to love. The mind has to be empty from words and thoughts to love. The heart needs to be free from the tight strings of the mind to dance its own tune.

Love is freedom. Utmost freedom. A free heart dances in the stage of an empty mind, for love is an ongoing experience and not a memory, a picture of the past.

Love is appreciation of beauty without trying to hold to it, to possess it with our bare hands as to make it “mine.”

Love appreciates and let freedom take over. That is love from the heart.

I cannot love a bird by holding it in my hands to “take care of it,” but by seeing it fly as it is meant to be. Not to recognize the nature of a bird is not to care about it. That is love for “normal” people. It is about what I think is “right.” It is about “me.”

Love is void of hopes. It does not have an agenda. Love does not have a “structure, “ or particular content other than to let someone “be.”

To appreciate the beauty of that moment when the bird eat from your own hands; just to become stronger before the long flight towards his own destiny; to see that bird going away; flying high in the sky… when the mind is free of the “when will you be back?,” at that point when the heart is free from the tyranny of the mind; at that point; you have felt love from the heart.


  1. avyakt7

    Dear soul,
    You can have experiences with your imagination and visualization. Your visualization could be your imagination. Your imagination is what takes you to visualize and experience… if you are aware, you will know that it was your imagination. If you are not aware, you will call it a dream…More words to analyze….

    Best wishes!


  2. vvrisor

    Thank you Avyakt7 for sharing your experience on “Love the Freedom of Love”.
    Would you please share your thoughts/experience on IMAGINATION, VISUALISATION and EXPERIENCE as this soul desires elucidation on the above ‘coined’ terms.


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