Question: Dear brother, I can understand when you are in a thoughtless stage , that is when the realm of spiritual conscious opens up , But with my own experience , it seems it is not always we create the thoughts, it is sometimes the sanskars which brings thoughts, emotions and feelings, unless you have practiced (thoughtless stage) enough to be above the water It is not possible but to drown with those emotions, feelings and thoughts that are created by our sanskars. Your thoughts?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

Life is beyond labels. There is life beyond thoughts. There is understanding without thinking.
There is the stage of a “detached observer” in Baba’s gyan; also known as a “trustee,” or the “witness,” etc. That state is just about looking/seeing the self. Those thoughts, to be aware of your emotions, your reactions, whatever names you want to use to describe the “content” going on in the self. The task is just to look, to be aware of that “inner content” of your own “book.”

Then we could perceive that there is someone watching those thoughts, emotions,sanskaras, etc. It doesn’t matter what name we use to describe our own “content.” That is “you,” the being, the soul. Greater consciousness of that being observing in a detached manner, greater awareness. That means, greater transformation. That is the “effort.”

If we do not add any “thoughts” to this natural process of observing; words such as “hard,” “impossible,” etc; then we will not live by words and more thoughts; but we will be living life by experience without labeling, we will feel and then become aware of “being.”

Best wishes!

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