Question: From where soul have born,why they are in the form of light only.. who have made soul,does soul will never die,very very confused of this question that who have made soul and who is the maker of all the soul…

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

I would recommend to take the “7 day course” on a Brahma Kumaris center, near you.. 🙂
The soul is eternal. It hasn’t been “created.” The word “creation,” is one of the most misleading words ever “created.” 🙂

Existence is eternal. Everything that you perceive as “existing” has always existed but it changes, it transforms. The form changes (matter) but the substance (soul) remains. The first law of “conservation of matter and energy,” clearly states that fact: “Matter cannot be created neither destroyed, it only transforms.”

I haven’t seen a soul with my physical eyes. I don;t know how it “looks like,” the word “looks like” denotes our cultural baggage of relying on our visual sense which is just a sense out of the 5 physical senses to relate with our perceptions of reality. I feel the soul. Feeling is a way to relate with that which is spiritual in nature.

Souls cannot be born. Souls cannot be created. Matter cannot be created. Nothing is never created. Existence is all that has ever existed.

Best wishes!

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