Question: Dear brother, With your current article, If I realize it correctly, the true spirituality depends not on praising the trainer who has taught us how to swim, but rather using that teaching to swim, become a good swimmer, while learning to swim , there might be some help needed from the trainer, but at the end what matters is to be able to learn the art of swimming and be without any dependency. Here, swimming could be substituted for soul conscious, spirituality or enlightenment or karmateet stage after all these are just labels. Your thoughts?

Dear soul,

Thank you for your feedback.
In fact, that is the message. However, it is not that “this brother is sharing his own manmat.” Rather, BapDada has mentioned that as well in avyakt Murlis: “Be equal to the Father.” “To have thoughts of the original self means to bring about transformation.”( Avyakt Murli, March 18, 2012.)

It is not about knowing in theory how to swim or how to praise the “trainer” or coach. It is about swimming, and eventually to swim without a coach as you mentioned. That is to be “equal to the trainer.”

As we are seeing there are many labels for the same “stage of being.” Such as: “karmateet,” “detached observer,” “the witness,” a “trustee,” “Being merged with the Father,” “having all relationships with the Father,” “enlightened,” “self-realized,” etc, etc, etc. Once we realize that the “coach” or trainer is not interested in my praise, is not interested in anything from me; we are free to find that “self.” BapDada in the role of the Father, treats us like little children. However, let us see that a little child cannot be “equal to the Father,” although is required to be a child in order to grow. That is the paradox.

The path is there waiting for us: praising, talking, singing and chanting or having devotion to pictures or people will not take us there. We need to walk the path ourselves at some point.

Best wishes!


  1. rmalik108

    Great answer ‘but people will realise it number wise’
    this is a great service ,I think technology is helping us a great deal as baba said . the thoughts and discussion like these are helping to synchronise that m’inimum Number of Soules to move the transformation process.


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